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Evans Blue – “Warrior”: Hard Rock Daddy Review


Sweet, melodic piano parts are not commonplace in the world of hard rock music, nor are lyrics that read more like poetry for that matter, but Evans Blue marches to the beat of their own drum, so the uniqueness of “Warrior” should come as no surprise.

As an independent band, Evans Blue is not constrained by what most consider the norm.  They are free to write from the heart without any outside influence.  And if that means creating a sound that can’t be easily pigeon-holed into traditional radio formats, then so be it.  They get their fair share of radio exposure, but their career is built on their connection to the fans.

“Warrior” is a song that speaks to you and makes you feel, even if you don’t know what inspired the song, or the meaning behind the lyrics.  Frontman, Dan Chandler, delivers “Warrior” with a range of pure emotion.  Somber, melancholic verses dynamically transition into passionately defiant choruses.

Vlad Tanaskovic’s melodic guitar solo over a driving rhythm leads into an impassioned bridge and brings “Warrior” to a heart-pumping crescendo.  A typical approach would be to drive the song home by repeating the chorus several times, but with Evans Blue, nothing is typical.

The first line of the song – “I, would like a word with you” – is repeated, and the song fades with an unexpected piano cadenza that would normally seem out of place in a hard rock song, but Evans Blue uses it so well, that you’re left wondering why it isn’t more commonplace in the genre.

Check out the recently released official lyric video for “Warrior” below…



Hard Rock Daddy – Three For Thursday: Device, Adrenaline Mob, Fight Or Flight

Three For Thursday - Device, Adrenaline Mob, Fight Or Flight

Every Thursday, Hard Rock Daddy features three hard rock songs/artists/albums with a common theme. This week’s “Three For Thursday” lineup consists of Device, Adrenaline Mob and Fight Or Flight. The theme is revealed at the bottom of the page.


This week’s “Three for Thursday” songs:

ARTIST:             Device

SONG:               “Vilify”

ALBUM:             Device

RELEASED:         April 9, 2013




ARTIST:              Adrenaline Mob

SONG:                “Kill The King”

ALBUM:               Coverta

RELEASED:          March 12, 2013




ARTIST:               Fight Or Flight

SONG:                 “The First Of The Last”

ALBUM:                A Life By Design

RELEASED:           July 23, 2013


Scroll down to see this week’s Three For Thursday theme…





This week’s Three For Thursday theme is…

A “DISTURBING” CONNECTION – Device, (David Draiman)  Adrenaline Mob (John Moyer) and Fight Or Flight (Dan Donegan, Mike Wengren) are all side projects of the members of Disturbed.  The disturbing connection goes beyond a play on words.   The band members have been spending time on social media defending themselves from some vitriolic Disturbed fans who are acting like these side projects are the equivalent of a having cheating spouse.  While no one wants to see the end of Disturbed, lashing out at the band members for their decision to take a break and work on some other projects is senseless.  The access to bands that social media provides is clearly a blessing and a curse.  Three great new bands have been born out of Disturbed’s hiatus.  Hard rock music fans would be wise to give each a chance before condemning the band members for their life outside of Disturbed.

Rock My RV with Bret Michaels: Travel Channel – Sundays 9pm

Rock My RV with Bret Michaels

In the 1980s, Bret Michaels was the poster boy for glam and hair metal with Poison.  Many of his hair metal brethren enjoyed success similar to Poison, but few, if any, have been able to reinvent themselves time and time again to remain just as relevant to this day.  His latest project, Rock My RV is another innovative way to keep Michaels in the public eye, while at the same time reinforcing his good guy persona.  Whether you are a fan of his music or not you can’t help but like him as a person.

Michaels has become an inspiration to many people.  In 2010, he dealt with some major health scares, but he refused to let anything stop him from living his life to the fullest.  Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes as a child, Michaels has achieved all of his success in the face of adversity.

Rock My RV is not Michaels’ first time at the rodeo, so to speak.  Aside from a very successful and enduring music career, he has carved out a niche for himself on reality television with Rock Of Love, Bret Michaels:  Life As I Know It, and Celebrity Apprentice 3, where he emerged victorious and earned $640,000 for the American Diabetes Association.

Celebrity Apprentice may be an ego-driven reality show for Donald Trump, but Rock My RV with Bret Michaels is the polar opposite.  Michaels’ RV knowledge is clearly apparent, but it is his passion for helping other people, his can-do attitude and his incredible creativity that makes the show so entertaining to watch.

Rock My RV is engaging mainly because of Michaels’ ability to come across as a regular guy even though he is a tremendously successful rock star and businessman.  He makes you believe that you too can live the rock star life, at least where RVs are concerned.

The first family that Michaels helped left them overjoyed with the end result, but the more intriguing story of the night was the makeover that was done on the touring RV used by the company TapouT for charity events around the country.

TapouT founders, Dan “Punkass” Caldwell and Tim “SkySkrape” Katz have already cashed in on their idea to create a clothing line around the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) lifestyle, but they continue to tour the country to give back to the community.  Their primary mission is to visit children with cancer and members of the military (Wounded Warriors) in an effort to inspire them in their respective fights.

The reveal of the updated RV took place in the dark of night to showcase pyrotechnics that are usually reserved for hard rock concerts.  With a great deal of pride, Michaels took Caldwell and Katz on a tour of the RV which was outfitted with a custom spiral staircase leading to a rooftop party deck and an air-compressed, water-cooled, Gatling gun to fire t-shirts into crowds.  Already in awe of what Michaels help to create, Caldwell fought back the tears as he was shown the name of his departed co-founder, Charles Lewis, inscribed on the headrest of the passenger seat.

You don’t have to have an RV to be fascinated by Rock My RV.  After watching the show, you’ll probably want to go out and get one for Michaels to “rock.”

Rock My RV airs on Sunday nights at 9pm/8pm Central on Travel Channel.

Top 10 Hard Rock Summer Songs

Hard Rock Summer Songs

Now that Memorial Day Weekend has passed, the summer months are upon us.  To celebrate the beginning of summer, Hard Rock Daddy presents the Top 10 Hard Rock Summer Songs.


[1]  KID ROCK“All Summer Long”




[3]  VAN HALEN“Summer Nights”


[4]  Y&T“Summertime Girls”


[5]  THE ATARIS“Boys Of Summer”


[6]  ALICE COOPER“Hard Rock Summer”


[7]  TYPE O NEGATIVE“Summer Breeze”


[8]  AEROSMITH“Girls Of Summer”


[9]  BON JOVI“Summertime”


[10]  ZEBRA“Wait Until The Summer’s Gone”


“Ghost Of Freedom” – Iced Earth

Iced Earth - "Ghost Of Freedom"

Memorial Day is a day to remember the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.  Rather than solemnly reflecting upon the true meaning of the holiday, most Americans spend the day with family and friends celebrating the unofficial arrival of summer.  Those who have lost family members in battle have a vastly different perspective than those who have not.  Iced Earth’s “Ghost Of Freedom” offers an eye-opening look at the struggle that a son deals with after losing his father in battle.

The song was released around the time that I tragically lost my father, so it has always hit close to home for me.  His death did not occur while serving his country, however, the struggle to understand his loss has allowed me to relate to “Ghost Of Freedom” in a very meaningful way.

My father passed away over a decade ago, but I think of him several times a day as I raise my own children.

On Memorial Day, I do think about those who gave their lives protecting the freedom that I enjoy, but my thoughts are mostly about my father, who loved the summer more than anyone else that I have ever known.

Please take a few minutes to watch the “Ghost Of Freedom” video below to honor the true meaning of Memorial Day…


Octane Big ‘Uns Countdown – Week of 5-25-13

Octane Logo

Each week, Hard Rock Daddy posts a video playlist of Octane’s Big ‘Uns  Countdown featuring the top 15 hard rock songs of the week.  The playlist can also be found on (the HRD YouTube channel).

The top 15 songs on this week’s Octane’s Big ‘Uns Countdown are listed below the videos

#15 – “God Is Dead?” – BLACK SABBATH

#14 – “Adrenalize” – IN THIS MOMENT

#13 – “America” – MOTIONLESS IN WHITE

#12 – “Fly On The Wall” – THOUSAND FOOT KRUTCH

#11 – “In Due Time” – KILLSWITCH ENGAGE

#10 – “Good Man” – DEVOUR THE DAY

# 9 – “Drunk Enough” – ANGELS FALL

# 8 – “Trenches” – POP EVIL

# 7 – “In The End” – BLACK VEIL BRIDES

# 6 – “Decay” – SEVENDUST


# 4 – “Warrior” – EVANS BLUE

# 3 – “Hangman’s Body Count” – VOLBEAT

# 2 – “Do Me A Favor” – STONE SOUR

# 1 – “Vilify” – DEVICE


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Billboard Top 15 Hard Rock Albums – 6/1/13

Billboard Top 15 Hard Rock Albums

Billboard Hard Rock Album chart.  Top 15 albums ranked by sales data and compiled by Nielsen SoundScan.


  1. The Dillinger Escape Plan – One Of Us Is The Killer
  2. Escape The Fate – Ungrateful
  3. Pop Evil – Onyx
  4. Rob Zombie – Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor
  5. Volbeat – Outlaw Gentlemen And Shady Ladies
  6. Joe Satriani – Unstoppable Momentum
  7. Deep Purple – Now What?!
  8. Device – Device
  9. Halestorm – The Strange Case Of…
  10. Killswitch Engage – Disarm The Descent
  11. Bring Me The Horizon – Sempiternal
  12. Stone Sour – House Of Gold And Bones Part 2
  13. Jimi Hendrix – People, Hell And Angels
  14. In This Moment – Blood
  15. Red – Release The Panic


  • The Dillinger Escape Plan debuts this week in the #1 position
  • Escape The Fate debuts this week in the #2 position
  • Pop Evil debuts this week in the #3 position

“The Pride” – The Infinite Staircase (Featuring Zakk Wylde, Kevin Martin, Morgan Rose & JD DeServio)

The Pride TIS

Mother Nature once again showed us how powerless we are against her wrath this week as a tornado devastated Moore, OK – a suburb of Oklahoma City.  Whenever a natural disaster occurs in America, people spring into action to help the victims who have suffered losses that will affect their lives for years to come.  Unfortunately, the 24/7 news cycle makes it difficult for anyone not directly impacted by any given event to keep it top of mind.

Hurricane Sandy, the “super storm” that pummeled the Northeast this past October, has altered the lives of millions of people who are still dealing with the aftereffects to this day.  The beaches that were ravaged by the storm have been restored in time for this weekend’s unofficial beginning of summer, but many people are still in need of assistance.

To help raise money for Hurricane Sandy victims, Staten Island natives – The Infinite Staircase – collaborated with Zakk Wylde and JD DeServio (Black Label Society), Morgan Rose (Sevendust) and Kevin Martin (Candlebox) to release “The Pride.”  All proceeds from the download of the song are being donated to the Carl V. Bini Memorial Fund.

The lyrics of the song perfectly capture the resolve that so many have shown in the face of unrelenting despair.  As an independent band, The Infinite Staircase knows a thing or two about needing a strong will to overcome obstacles.  The fact that the band was able to spearhead this collaboration without any label backing is proof positive of their determination.

“The Pride” is a powerful song with a great melody.  Lenny Cerzosie’s energetic vocals are perfectly complemented by Wylde’s shredding solos.  And while the intent of the song is to raise money for those in need, the unintended consequence will likely be an increased audience for The Infinite Staircase.


Hard Rock Daddy – Three For Thursday: Otherwise, Nonpoint, Sammy Hagar

Three For Thursday - Otherwise, Nonpoint, Sammy Hagar

Every Thursday, Hard Rock Daddy features three hard rock songs/artists/albums with a common theme. This week’s “Three For Thursday” lineup consists of Otherwise, Nonpoint and Sammy Hagar. The theme is revealed at the bottom of the page.


This week’s “Three for Thursday” songs:

ARTIST:             Otherwise

SONG:               “Soldiers”

ALBUM:             True Love Never Dies

RELEASED:         May 8, 2012




ARTIST:              Nonpoint

SONG:                “Frontlines”

ALBUM:               Miracle

RELEASED:          May 4, 2010




ARTIST:               Sammy Hagar

SONG:                 “Remember The Heroes”

ALBUM:               Three Lock Box

RELEASED:           October 25, 1990


Scroll down to see this week’s Three For Thursday theme…





This week’s Three For Thursday theme is…

MILITARY APPRECIATION – In honor of Memorial Day, this week’s Three For Thursday pays tribute to the troops throughout American history who have sacrificed themselves to protect the freedom that we all enjoy.  Memorial Day Weekend has become the unofficial beginning of summer, a time for getting together with family and friends.  This Memorial Day, please take a moment to “Remember The Heroes” and the “Soldiers” who are on the “Frontlines” away from their family and friends so that we can all celebrate.

Hinder – “This Is The Life”: Oklahoma Tornado Victims

okc tornado

The devastation caused by a tornado of catastrophic proportions in the suburbs of Oklahoma City has captured the hearts and minds of all Americans.  There is a helpless feeling that persists when Mother Nature is responsible for so much loss of life.  Although there were no evil intentions, the death of innocent children seeking shelter in an elementary school brings back the heartache that we all felt for the families of the Sandy Hook Elementary School victims, and the Newtown, CT community at large.

It’s hard to think about music on a day like today, but the tragic result of the Oklahoma tornado has hit home in the hard rock music community for bands who hail from Oklahoma City.  One of the most recognizable bands from the area is Hinder, whose song “This Is The Life” is a reminder that home is where the heart is, and the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

“When the real world crashes down…it hits you right between the eyes”

If you would like to do your part to contribute to those who have suffered tremendous loss, please click on this link – Help Oklahoma Tornado Victims.