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Billboard Top 15 Hard Rock Albums – 2/8/14

Billboard Top 15 Hard Rock Albums

Billboard Hard Rock Albums Chart for the week ending 2/8/14.  Top 15 albums ranked by sales data and compiled by Nielsen SoundScan.


    1. ICED EARTH – Plagues Of Babylon
    2. AVENGED SEVENFOLD – Hail To The King
    3. IN THIS MOMENT – Blood
    4. FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH– The Wrong Side Of Heaven & The Righteous Side Of Hell: Volume 2
    5. A DAY TO REMEMBER – Common Courtesy
    6. SKILLET – Rise
    7. SCORPIONS – MTV Unplugged
    8. NINE LASHES – From Water To War
    9. NICKELBACK – The Best Of Nickelback: Volume 1
    10. PEARL JAM – Lightning Bolt
    11. THROWDOWN – Intolerance
    12. FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH – The Wrong Side Of Heaven & The Righteous Side Of Hell: Volume 1
    13. ICE NINE KILLS – The Predator Becomes The Prey
    14. QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE – …Like Clockwork
    15. VOLBEAT – Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies


Billboard Top 50 Hard Rock Albums of 2013

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Skillet – “Sick Of It”:  Hard Rock Daddy Review

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Three For Thursday: MÖTLEY CRÜE

Motley Crue Three For Thursday

Three For Thursday featuring:  Mötley Crüe.  The theme of the week is usually revealed below the last video, however, in light of Mötley Crüe’s unprecedented, contractual announcement of the band’s final tour, Hard Rock Daddy chose to do something unprecedented as well.  For the first time ever, Three For Thursday features three songs by a single artist.  The three songs chosen represent the band’s history, encapsulating the story of their career.

This week’s “Three for Thursday” songs:

ARTIST:             Mötley Crüe

SONG:               “On With The Show”

ALBUM:              Too Fast For Love

RELEASED:         November 10, 1981


ARTIST:               Mötley Crüe

SONG:                 “Kickstart My Heart”

ALBUM:                Dr. Feelgood

RELEASED:           September 5, 1989


ARTIST:               Mötley Crüe

SONG:                 “Goin’ Out Swingin”

ALBUM:                Saints Of Los Angeles

RELEASED:           June 24, 2008




Mötley Crüe Archives

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Pop Evil – “The Onyx Trilogy”: Hard Rock Daddy Video Review

Pop Evil The Onyx Trilogy

Hard rock music fans are undoubtedly aware of Pop Evil’s hit singles – (“Deal With The Devil” and “Trenches”) – from the band’s most recent release entitled Onyx.  However, the casual fan may not realize that the two songs, along with “Behind Closed Doors,” create a disturbingly thought-provoking story.  Pop Evil recently released “The Onyx Trilogy,” featuring videos for each song, in addition to the voice of the main character filling in the details of the story, bringing clarity to the meaning behind the lyrics that are somewhat cryptic on their own.

As a society, particularly in this day and age, we often times rush to judgment of people based on limited facts that merely scratch the surface of a person’s life.

We abhor parental abuse in any form, but a man hitting a defenseless woman or child angers us to our core, and makes us shake our heads in disbelief.

Society views junkies as weak-minded individuals that lack the willpower to turn their lives around, but most people rarely bother to dig deeper to find the root cause of the pain that the junkie is trying to escape from; the pain that made them turn to drugs in the first place.

If you found out that a junkie was physically, mentally and emotionally abused throughout their childhood, would you view their addiction in a different light?  The truth of the matter is that most of us don’t know for sure what goes on in someone’s life “behind closed doors,” because we all do our best not to let the world see our pain and insecurity.

The girl in this story had a loving mother and an abusive father who beat them both.  Vowing never to hurt someone like she was hurt growing up, she believed that her father’s influence would be the guiding force in her life.  As is often the case, the victim started to believe that she was somehow responsible for her own pain as she spiraled downwards.

“Behind closed doors, there’s never any light…there’s a lifetime to forget.”

The video for the first song in the trilogy (“Behind Closed Doors”) shows how helpless and angry someone can become when they feel trapped in a bad situation.

We all like to experience pleasant dreams where we are free from pain and anxiety, but it shouldn’t be the only time to feel peaceful.  Since dream control is not easily achieved, those who are self-loathing and tortured by unrelenting pain often turn to drugs as an escape from the real world.  However, since a chemically-induced “happy place” has no staying power, the junkie continues to need more and more.

“When you play, gotta deal with the devil.”

In the powerful imagery in the video for “Deal With The Devil,” you witness the girl’s “happy place” evolve into a fearfully paralyzing nightmare.  While the girl and the devil have a similar appearance, there is a stark contrast between the satisfaction on the devil’s face and the sheer torture on the girl’s face, showing that deals with the devil are heavily one-sided.

The search for an escape caused the girl to overdose on smack, which she got addicted to because of her deadbeat, dealer boyfriend who abused her in more ways than one.  Like many victims of abuse, she feels a twisted comfort in the familiarity of abusive relationships.

After hitting rock bottom and nearly dying of an overdose, she was told by doctors that she was lucky to be alive.  Humbled by the experience, she realizes that she can do anything that she sets her mind to after suffering through hell on earth.

“I’ve waited all of my life to get out of the trenches. I’m ready to fight for what I believe…you can’t steal from me, I won’t take this, gonna fill these trenches and stand up, wake up, I won’t give up, cause here I come, here I come….”

The video for “Trenches” diplays the girl’s fighting spirit, both symbolically and literally as she shows her resilience by punching the heavy bag in a gym.

From an abused child to an abused junkie who nearly died, the girl in the story of “The Onyx Trilogy” proves that the human spirit is much stronger than we tend to realize or believe.  And though people are often times judged by the highlights and lowlights of their lives, most of us fall somewhere in between.

On the surface, it may seem like “The Onyx Trilogy” features a fairytale ending, however, those who dig deeper by watching it in its entirety will realize that is simply not the case.

“Behind Closed Doors,” “Deal With The Devil” and “Trenches” all stand on their own as a great hard rock songs; no surprise given Pop Evil’s penchant for quality songwriting.  However, the whole is even greater than the sum of its parts because of its powerful message and life lessons offered.  With “The Onyx Trilogy,” Pop Evil delivers further proof that they belong at the top of the hard rock music food chain.

That Metal Show – Season 13, Episode 2: Corey Taylor, Vernon Reid, Morgan Rose, Joel Hoekstra

That Metal Show Logo

Eddie mentioned that there is a big demand for tickets to see TMS live, but then pointed out an empty section of bleachers due to the major snowstorm that hit on the day of taping.  Don said…“not even our own family and friends would show up, but 33 crazy TMS-heads did make it here.”



Musical Guest – Joel Hoekstra

In addition to his work with Night Ranger and Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Hoekstra is working on a side project with Vinny Appice (drums), Tony Franklin (bass), Russell Allen (vocals).  Night Ranger has a new ranger coming out in the spring.

Hoekstra did what most musical guests do by showing off his ability to shred with the best of them, but then offered a change of pace by playing a beautiful acoustic guitar solo, followed by a guitar picking piece with unique sound effects.




This year marks the 25th anniversary of Living Colour’s landmark debut album – Vivid.

The guys make a cool entrance by going up into the small crowd to shake everyone’s hand.

Living Colour is working on a new album.  As always, they are placing a lot of importance on the message of the songs.  The guys revealed that “Cult Of Personality” was written in one rehearsal that kind of came about by accident.

Mick Jagger took the band under his wing after meeting Vernon Reid during the recording of his solo album – Primative Cool.  Within a week of meeting Jagger, Reid met Keith Richards at a party.  He discussed how Jagger and Richards were at odds at the time over the fact that Jagger was recording solo albums.

Don Jamieson mentioned that both Sevendust and Living Colour were the types of bands that were hard to pigeon-hole into one category.

Reid responded…

“You think about genres, and metal and hard rock has gone into super, subgenres.  It used to be, bands were their own genre, doing what they were doing.  I listened to Sabbath and Sly Stone.  I never made a separation between the things that I liked.  I dig King Crimson and Kook And The Gang.  When we started making Living Colour music, every song was its own.  We just did what we did.”

On the band’s previous breakup…

Neither was very forthcoming, but it seems to have been caused more by personal issues than musical direction.

On the timetable for new music…

Album will be released by the fall.



MORGAN ROSE (Sevendust)

Rose talked about how he meet Vernon Reid while Sevendust was showcasing at CBGB’s.  Reid was doing a photo gallery show in the area.

On not being able to be pigeon-holed into one category…

“We’ve built a loyal group of people that support our band.  Put our best thousand against any band’s best thousand, and we’ll whip their ass.  We also are the type of band that can do shows with Creed and Slipknot, but you’d never see those bands playing together.  The reason why it didn’t help us gain anything is that we were too heavy for the Creed fans and not heavy enough for the Slipknot fans.”

Sevendust will be releasing an acoustic album with six old songs and six new ones.  They will be touring in support of it beginning April 1st, and the album drops on April 15th.




  1. “Ace Of Spades”
  2. “Orgasmatron”
  3. “The Chase Is Better Than The Catch”
  4. “Overkill”
  5. “I’m So Bad (Baby I Don’t Care)”





If you could be in any other band – Neville Brothers

Song you wish you wrote“Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin

Best concert you ever attended – James Brown at The Apollo in 1972 (8 years old).

Weirdest rumor you’ve ever heard about yourself – I’m not Danny Glover’s son!




If you could be in any other band –.38 Special (as unseen, unannounced 4th guitarist)

Song you wish you wrote“The Day I Tried To Live” by Soundgarden (that song saved my life, literally).

Best concert you ever attended – Muddy Waters

Weirdest rumor you’ve ever heard about yourself – That someone sold me heroin.




If you could be in any other band – Nine Inch Nails

Song you wish you wrote“Primal Concrete Sledge” by Pantera

Best concert you ever attended – David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust tour when I was like a year old.



PICK OF THE WEEK – (Underrated Albums)

Eddie – Tony Iommi / Glenn Hughes – “Fused”

Don – Prong – “Rude Awakening”

Jim – Damageplan – “Newfound Power”



METAL MODEM – Joey DeMaio (Manowar)

Manowar getting ready to tour America.  Tour will begin in Detroit.  Shows are selling amazingly well.  Band is huge overseas, but not as much in America.  Says that there will be 5600 watts of guitar amps on the tour, and that they bring more than that to shows around the world.  Upcoming release, re-recorded version of Blood Of The Kings.  Album will be performed it its entirety on the tour.




Who will get the naming rights to Queensryche (Geoff Tate or Eddie Jackson / Michael Wilton / Scott Rockenfield)?

Corey – Neither

Vernon – I don’t know

Morgan – I don’t like this question.  I’ll take the band because I’m in a band.  Give it to (Chris) DeGarmo because their best records came with him in the band.

Eddie – Friends will all of them.  Mathematical standpoint – Eddie, Michael and Scott. And because Tate is the face of Queensryche, he can still benefit without having the right to the name.  If you go see Geoff Tate, you know that you’re going to get Queensryche.  The other guys need the branding more.

Jim – Geoff Tate

Don – Eddie, Michael, Scott – they formed the band and hired Geoff as the singer.


That Metal Show – Season 13, Episode 1:  Zakk Wylde, M. Shadows, Jason Hook

3-part Interview With Geoff Tate


Octane Big ‘Uns Countdown – Week of 1-25-14

Octane Logo

Octane Big ‘Uns Countdown for the week of 1-25-14.

This 1-25-14 Big ‘Uns Countdown playlist can also be found on (the HRD YouTube channel), in addition to archived playlists dating back to 2013.

#15 –  “Die For You ” – OTHERWISE

#14 –  “Weak” – SEETHER

#13 –  “Mz. Hyde” – HALESTORM

#12 –  “Always” – KILLSWITCH ENGAGE

#11 –  “Die For You” – RED

#10 –  “Whore” – IN THIS MOMENT

# 9 –   “Immortal” – EVE TO ADAM

# 8 –   “Deal With The Devil” – POP EVIL

# 7 –   “Adrenaline” – SHINEDOWN

# 6 –   “Shepherd Of Fire” – AVENGED SEVENFOLD

# 5 –   “Love The Way You Hate Me” – LIKE A STORM

# 4 –   “With Me Now” – BLACKLITE DISTRICT

# 3 –   “My Demons” – STARSET

# 2 –    “Tired” – STONE SOUR

# 1 –    “Stardust” – GEMINI SYNDROME


Top 30 Octane Big ‘Uns Countdown Songs of 2013

Gemini Syndrome – “Stardust”:  Hard Rock Daddy Review

Pop Evil – “The Onyx Trilogy”: Hard Rock Daddy Video Review

Avenged Sevenfold – “Hail To The King”:  Hard Rock Daddy Album Review

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Billboard Top 15 Hard Rock Albums – 2/1/14

Billboard Top 15 Hard Rock Albums

Billboard Hard Rock Albums Chart for the week ending 2/1/14.  Top 15 albums ranked by sales data and compiled by Nielsen SoundScan.


    1. AVENGED SEVENFOLD – Hail To The King
    2. FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH – The Wrong Side Of Heaven & The Righteous Side Of Hell: Volume 2
    3. A DAY TO REMEMBER – Common Courtesy
    4. SKILLET– Rise
    5. PEARL JAM – Lightning Bolt
    6. NICKELBACK – The Best Of Nickelback: Volume 1
    7. FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH – The Wrong Side Of Heaven & The Righteous Side Of Hell: Volume 1
    8. VOLBEAT – Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies
    9. BRING ME THE HORIZON – Sempiternal
    10. IN THIS MOMENT – Blood
    11. QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE – …Like Clockwork
    12. CAGE THE ELEPHANT – Melophobia
    13. BACKTRACK – Lost In Life
    14. LINKIN PARK – Recharged
    15. KORN – The Paradigm Shift


Billboard Top 50 Hard Rock Albums of 2013

Five Finger Death Punch (Featuring Rob Halford) – “Lift Me Up”:  Hard Rock Daddy Review

Five Finger Death Punch – “Battle Born”:  Hard Rock Daddy Review

Avenged Sevenfold – “Hail To The King”:  Hard Rock Daddy Album Review

Skillet – “Sick Of It”:  Hard Rock Daddy Review

Volbeat – “Lola Montez”:  Hard Rock Daddy Review

Volbeat – “Cape Of Our Hero”:  Hard Rock Daddy Video Review

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Three For Thursday: Seether, Art Of Dying, Van Halen

Three For Thursday - Seether, Art Of Dying, Van Halen

Three For Thursday featuring:  Seether, Art Of Dying and Van Halen.  The theme of the week is revealed below the last video.


This week’s “Three for Thursday” songs:

ARTIST:             Seether

SONG:               “Rise Above This”

ALBUM:              Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces

RELEASED:         October 23, 2007




ARTIST:               Art Of Dying

SONG:                 “Get Through This”

ALBUM:                Art Of Dying

RELEASED:           October 9, 2006




ARTIST:               Van Halen

SONG:                 “Right Now”

ALBUM:                For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge

RELEASED:           June 17, 1991


This week’s Three For Thursday theme is…

“OVERCOMING ADVERSITY” – The lyrics to each song are about facing life’s challenges and persevering in spite of them.


Three For Thursday Archives

Why the 80’s was the Greatest Decade in the History of Hard Rock Music

The 80's Ruled

Every generation is partial to the music that defined their youth, so it stands to reason that 80’s hard rock will always be the decade of choice for those who grew up during that time period.  As a member of Generation X, I fall squarely in the middle of those who grew up on 80’s hard rock and heavy metal.  However, that is not the reason that I believe that the 80’s are the greatest decade in the history of hard rock music.  The main reason for this opinion has more to do with the culture than the actual music.  Truth be told, I spend much more time these days listening to the modern-day hard rock bands played on stations like Octane than I do listening to the music of the 80’s played on Hair Nation (see Hard Rock Daddy’s Top 52 Hard Rock Songs of 2013).

So, if it isn’t the music that made the 80’s the greatest decade in the history of hard rock music, what is the determining factor?

While the music was definitely a large part of it, the unity that was felt between fans of the genre created an “us against the world” mentality that made the decade the most memorable one in hard rock music history.  There was a magic that will never be captured again because of the splintering of one powerful genre into numerous subgenres.

People the world over are proud to call themselves “metalheads,” but nowadays, the word is open to interpretation by fans of the various subgenres.  The division of the once-united fanbase has caused infighting amongst the genres at both the fan and band levels.

Because of technological advances in the way that we consume music today and the ubiquity of social media, there will never again be a united front when it comes to the hard rock and metal genres.  If anything, there will be more splintering into niche subgenres that will continue to divide the fanbase in the future.

Because of the subgenre mentality of today’s metal fan, it has become increasingly difficult for bands to push the envelope of musical creativity without feeling the backlash from a portion of their fanbase on social media.

In the season 13 premiere of That Metal Show, Avenged Sevenfold frontman, M. Shadows, discussed the intense scrutiny that the band is under with each new record because of their constant change of direction.  Shadows said that the fan reaction to the band’s transition from metalcore to traditional heavy metal was so vitriolic that you would have thought that the band had murdered someone’s newborn child.  He also said that he stays offline to avoid the immense amount of negativity that exists on social media.

Avenged Sevenfold is one of the most successful hard rock bands of this era, but Shadows admitted that it was difficult being one of the first major acts to contend with the pitfalls of social media while trying to build a career.

While there was an eventual backlash against hair bands in the 80’s after Nirvana came onto the scene in the early 90’s, most metal bands were revered by fans of the genre.  They were, in many cases, larger than life and put up on a pedestal.  Even if they were criticized at times for their musical direction, they didn’t experience constant negativity and impossible scrutiny of their every move.

In the 80’s, most hard rock bands had at least one power ballad, and the fans embraced them whole-heartedly.  Fans filled arenas, and would sing along in unison when the power ballad was played live in concert.  The entire audience swayed together and held up their lighters as a show of support.

Today, bands are mocked for selling out and becoming soft if they deviate from their normal hard rock sound.  The arena show is something of a dinosaur in America, although it still exists in other parts of the world.  And the pain of a burning finger from a lighter has been replaced by a much less intense show of support from illuminated smartphones.

In the 80’s, the cost of attending a concert was so reasonable, that hard rock fans attended virtually every show that came to town.  To this day, I still remember the exact area of the parking lot where the metalheads from high school would tailgate before each arena show.  We didn’t necessarily travel in the same groups within the confines of the school, but we were bonded just the same by a shared passion for all things hard rock and heavy metal.

The world was a very different place in the 80’s, and the music and lyrics reflected the joy of simpler times.  We never gave a moment’s thought to terrorism in America, and with the exception of learning about current events for homework assignments, by and large, we were blissfully ignorant of the pain and sadness in the world.

We were the “youth gone wild.” We desired “nothin’ but a good time,” and found it in hard rock and heavy metal.  We simply wanted to “rock and roll all night, and party every day.”  Our music made us feel happy to be alive, and bonded us in a most powerful way.

We worked menial jobs and spent our hard-earned money buying records, concert tickets and other band paraphernalia.  And if, by some good fortune, we were given the opportunity to meet one of our rock and roll heroes, we treated them with reverence for the gifts that they had given to us, not disdain for a song or two that might not have been to our liking.

Hard rock bands today must work harder than ever to earn a living playing music.  All the while, they must deal with constant negativity from the squeaky wheels who would rather spend their time bemoaning the things that they don’t like instead of praising the things that they do.

Admittedly, time has a way of turning nostalgic moments into glorified memories.  A generation from now, today’s youth may very well long for the way things were when they were growing up.

While hard rock music of today is arguably as good as it has ever been, for my money, the 80’s will always be the greatest decade in the history of the genre because of its profound impact on an entire generation.

Steel Panther – “The Burden Of Being Wonderful”: Hard Rock Daddy Review

Steel Panther Band Photo

Life has its share of trials and tribulations, and we all have our moments of insecurity at one time or another.  Those who are insecure about their weight, their finances, their career or variety of other things are usually somewhat envious of those who they perceive to have it all.  No one really talks about “The Burden Of Being Wonderful,” but thanks to heavy metal, glam rockers, Steel Panther, the world will finally understand just how difficult being wonderful is after listening to the band’s second single off of their upcoming album – All You Can Eat.

Steel Panther songs and videos tend to lean towards the “R” rated side, however “The Burden Of Being Wonderful” is a song that is appropriate for people of all ages.  It is the perfect song for those who grew up on 80’s metal to share with their children, not only for the music, but also for the message.  After all, kids should not grow up believing that being wonderful is all unicorns and rainbows.

Like the song, the video for “The Burden Of Being Wonderful” is a throwback to the days of 80’s metal, when music was fun and it made you feel happy to be alive.

If you are a fan of 80’s metal and long for the days of the classic Twisted Sister videos, you MUST check out Steel Panther!  In addition to being talented musicians, they are also gifted songwriters who have an uncanny ability to make you laugh and wax poetic about days gone by.

Check out the lyrics to “The Burden Of Being Wonderful” beneath the video below.  If you’d like to pre-order All You Can Eat, go to

Why in a world of ugly faces…

Should I be allowed to be so hot?

So many people without talent

Yet I was born with all the magical gifts I got

The perfect body, the perfect face

It’s like God’s best work, all in one place

For the haters hate perfection

Can’t you say?

It’s a burden being wonderful like me

How in a world that’s so imperfect…

Did I wind up with so much cool?

Friends never stick around too long

Never feel like they belong

Next to me they feel like a fool

I got the grace of a dancer, a golden voice

People seem to hate me, like I had a choice

Being this blessed is a lonely way to be

It’s a burden being wonderful like me…like me

So you say you wanna hang around?

Don’t ever ask me to turn it down

I’m a diamond, I’m gonna shine

Compared to everyone else, I’m like a whole damned diamond mine

I’m just a Maserati in a world of Kias

Genius would describe any of my ideas

If was born in 1453

Leonardo Da Vinci would be jealous of me

What a world of Stevie Wonders will never say

It’s a burden being wonderful like me

That Metal Show – Season 13, Episode 1: Zakk Wylde, M. Shadows and Jason Hook

That Metal Show Logo

After four seasons filming in Los Angeles, That Metal Show has returned to its East Coast roots for season 13.  The return back home for Eddie Trunk, Don Jamieson and Jim Florentine has also brought back a return to the living room feel that TMS fans identify with most.

During their time away, each of the hosts have kept busy.

Eddie discussed his new book – Eddie Trunk’s Essential Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Volume II, and the 30th anniversary of his radio show where Ace Frehley and Peter Criss reunited to play together.

Don discussed his upcoming release on Metal Blade Records entitled, Hell Bent For Laughter.

Jim discussed that he’s going to be on the new season of Californication, Girls and The Amy Shumer Show.  He also has an hour-long comedy special coming out this year.




Musical Guest – Jason Hook (Five Finger Death Punch)

Eddie revealed that Jason told him that being the musical guest on TMS was on his bucket list.


M. SHADOWS (Avenged Sevenfold)

M. Shadows recently had a baby and has another one on the way.

He spoke about the transition from metalcore to traditional metal, and says a lot of people acted like the band just murdered their firstborn child because of it.  Every record they do something different, put it out there, and whatever happens, happens.

Shadows likes to stay offline because there is so much negativity there, and he strives to live a happy life.  He took the high road when Rob Flynn publicly criticized Hail To The King for being too derivative.

The fanbase loves the album live, and that’s what matters most, which is why he just brushes off the criticism.  Shadows talked about how FFDP and A7X are the first generation of bands that have to contend with social media while fighting to become a big success.  He made a very good point about how people online say things that they wouldn’t say face-to-face.

A7X is in the process of creating their own video game.  They are helping to design the levels and help make the game themselves, unlike KISS who licenses their name for various products.


ZAKK WYLDE (Black Label Society)

Anyone who knows Zakk Wylde knows to expect the unexpected.  He came out carrying a plate of vegetables while wearing a ski mask and hat.  He said that he’s in witness protection after getting beaten up by a bunch of 11-yr olds who know his son.  Trying to capitalize on the A-Rod scandal, Wylde claimed that the plate contained Black Label, steroid-induced vegetables laced with Viagra.

Wylde was celebrating his 47th birthday on the day of taping.  Since it was too expensive to sing the English version of “Happy Birthday,” TMS had a mariachi band come out and play the song while singing in Spanish.  Eddie thought that it was a perfect fit given that the show is now recorded in Spanish Harlem.

There was a brief discussed about “Unblackened,” and BLS’s upcoming release – “Catacombs of the Black Vatican” (dropping on 4/8/14).



Both Wylde and Shadows were asked about whether they will push their sons to play music when they grow up.

Wylde said that he’ll give them the opportunity to do whatever they want, but they are exposed to all kinds of music and musical instruments.

Shadows said that his son already likes playing drums and tinkering around in their home studio, but he also likes playing basketball, and will not be pushed in any specific direction.

Eddie revealed that his 6-yr old son is consumed with Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, and sings them around the house.  However, a sign of progress for Eddie was his son enjoying Deep Purple’s “Burn” while driving in the car together.


TMS VAULT – ZAKK WYLDE (right after joining Ozzy)

A return to the big hair days.  Jim tells Wylde that he looks like a chick he banged back in high school.  Don says, you went from looking like an 18-yr old girl, to a guy that looks like he kidnaps 18-yr old girls.



KISS is finally makes it into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

All of the guys understandably said “take it.”


TMS TOP 5 – THINGS GENE SIMMONS SAID HE INVENTED (referring to Gene Simmon’s bizarre statement about why he doesn’t come on TMS – he said in an interview with Rolling Stone that he invented every hand gesture that is used on the show).

  1. The Miley Cyrus Tongue
  2. Park Phantoms
  3. Kruise Ships (spelling it with a “K”)
  4. Van Halen
  5. Fire Breathing


RANK – Van Halen albums (Zakk Wylde)

Says that anything that has King Edward on it, is awesome, which is why he put the albums in chronological order, not best to worst.




If you could be in any other band – Starland Vocal Band

Song you wish you wrote“White Christmas”

One vice – breast milk (straight from the tap)

Best concert you ever attended – Mob Rules tour (Black Sabbath)

First album bought with own money“We Sold Our Souls For Rock And Roll” – BLACK SABBATH



If you could be in any other band – Guns N Roses

Song you wish you wrote“Back In Black”

One vice – Red Bull

Best concert you ever attended – Iron Maiden tour 2009 (A7X opened)

First album bought with own money“Ten” – PEARL JAM



First audience member stumps Eddie.  Jennifer brings out the box, but it’s empty.  Jason Hook offers to help out, and gives the guy his guitar.  It was the coolest STUMP THE TRUNK moment in the show’s history.



Eddie – Scorpion Child debut album

Don – Metal Church – “Generation Nothing”

Jim – Red Fang – “Whales & Leaches”



Better Vocalist…

Freddie Mercury vs. Robert Plant

Freddie Mercury wins based on vocal ability, but everyone preferred Led Zeppelin over Queen.