That Metal Show – Season 13, Episode 1: Zakk Wylde, M. Shadows and Jason Hook

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After four seasons filming in Los Angeles, That Metal Show has returned to its East Coast roots for season 13.  The return back home for Eddie Trunk, Don Jamieson and Jim Florentine has also brought back a return to the living room feel that TMS fans identify with most.

During their time away, each of the hosts have kept busy.

Eddie discussed his new book – Eddie Trunk’s Essential Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Volume II, and the 30th anniversary of his radio show where Ace Frehley and Peter Criss reunited to play together.

Don discussed his upcoming release on Metal Blade Records entitled, Hell Bent For Laughter.

Jim discussed that he’s going to be on the new season of Californication, Girls and The Amy Shumer Show.  He also has an hour-long comedy special coming out this year.




Musical Guest – Jason Hook (Five Finger Death Punch)

Eddie revealed that Jason told him that being the musical guest on TMS was on his bucket list.


M. SHADOWS (Avenged Sevenfold)

M. Shadows recently had a baby and has another one on the way.

He spoke about the transition from metalcore to traditional metal, and says a lot of people acted like the band just murdered their firstborn child because of it.  Every record they do something different, put it out there, and whatever happens, happens.

Shadows likes to stay offline because there is so much negativity there, and he strives to live a happy life.  He took the high road when Rob Flynn publicly criticized Hail To The King for being too derivative.

The fanbase loves the album live, and that’s what matters most, which is why he just brushes off the criticism.  Shadows talked about how FFDP and A7X are the first generation of bands that have to contend with social media while fighting to become a big success.  He made a very good point about how people online say things that they wouldn’t say face-to-face.

A7X is in the process of creating their own video game.  They are helping to design the levels and help make the game themselves, unlike KISS who licenses their name for various products.


ZAKK WYLDE (Black Label Society)

Anyone who knows Zakk Wylde knows to expect the unexpected.  He came out carrying a plate of vegetables while wearing a ski mask and hat.  He said that he’s in witness protection after getting beaten up by a bunch of 11-yr olds who know his son.  Trying to capitalize on the A-Rod scandal, Wylde claimed that the plate contained Black Label, steroid-induced vegetables laced with Viagra.

Wylde was celebrating his 47th birthday on the day of taping.  Since it was too expensive to sing the English version of “Happy Birthday,” TMS had a mariachi band come out and play the song while singing in Spanish.  Eddie thought that it was a perfect fit given that the show is now recorded in Spanish Harlem.

There was a brief discussed about “Unblackened,” and BLS’s upcoming release – “Catacombs of the Black Vatican” (dropping on 4/8/14).



Both Wylde and Shadows were asked about whether they will push their sons to play music when they grow up.

Wylde said that he’ll give them the opportunity to do whatever they want, but they are exposed to all kinds of music and musical instruments.

Shadows said that his son already likes playing drums and tinkering around in their home studio, but he also likes playing basketball, and will not be pushed in any specific direction.

Eddie revealed that his 6-yr old son is consumed with Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, and sings them around the house.  However, a sign of progress for Eddie was his son enjoying Deep Purple’s “Burn” while driving in the car together.


TMS VAULT – ZAKK WYLDE (right after joining Ozzy)

A return to the big hair days.  Jim tells Wylde that he looks like a chick he banged back in high school.  Don says, you went from looking like an 18-yr old girl, to a guy that looks like he kidnaps 18-yr old girls.



KISS is finally makes it into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

All of the guys understandably said “take it.”


TMS TOP 5 – THINGS GENE SIMMONS SAID HE INVENTED (referring to Gene Simmon’s bizarre statement about why he doesn’t come on TMS – he said in an interview with Rolling Stone that he invented every hand gesture that is used on the show).

  1. The Miley Cyrus Tongue
  2. Park Phantoms
  3. Kruise Ships (spelling it with a “K”)
  4. Van Halen
  5. Fire Breathing


RANK – Van Halen albums (Zakk Wylde)

Says that anything that has King Edward on it, is awesome, which is why he put the albums in chronological order, not best to worst.




If you could be in any other band – Starland Vocal Band

Song you wish you wrote“White Christmas”

One vice – breast milk (straight from the tap)

Best concert you ever attended – Mob Rules tour (Black Sabbath)

First album bought with own money“We Sold Our Souls For Rock And Roll” – BLACK SABBATH



If you could be in any other band – Guns N Roses

Song you wish you wrote“Back In Black”

One vice – Red Bull

Best concert you ever attended – Iron Maiden tour 2009 (A7X opened)

First album bought with own money“Ten” – PEARL JAM



First audience member stumps Eddie.  Jennifer brings out the box, but it’s empty.  Jason Hook offers to help out, and gives the guy his guitar.  It was the coolest STUMP THE TRUNK moment in the show’s history.



Eddie – Scorpion Child debut album

Don – Metal Church – “Generation Nothing”

Jim – Red Fang – “Whales & Leaches”



Better Vocalist…

Freddie Mercury vs. Robert Plant

Freddie Mercury wins based on vocal ability, but everyone preferred Led Zeppelin over Queen.


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