Hard Rock Bands Under The Radar: SEVENTRAIN


In the fall of 2012, Seventrain first performed together at a memorial show for close friend, Vincent John Crudo (a.k.a. “Big Vinnie”), a sound technician and bass player from Southern California. The original intent of guitarist, Eric Horton, who played in the power metal band Cage, was to put together a group of well-respected local musicians to do some cover songs for the event.  An undeniable chemistry inspired the group to stay together and record the new material that Horton had been writing with vocalist, Jon Campos.

Seventrain is a relatively new five-piece hard rock outfit with a sound that can best be described as blues metal.  This eclectic band features seasoned veterans that have enjoyed varying degrees of success with previous bands.  In addition to Horton and Campos, the rest of the lineup features drummer Joel Maitoza (24/7 Spyz), guitarist Jef Poremba and bassist Steve (Dino) Andino.

After going into the studio to record last spring, Seventrain’s self-titled debut album was released this February.  The sound of the album is distinct not only because of the various backgrounds and influences of each member, but also because, unlike most modern hard rock recordings, it was tracked in analog with no use of auto tune or pro-tools, and only limited effects.  The end result is a stripped down rock record with a timeless sound that harkens back to the 70’s and early 80’s.

While there is no obvious single that necessarily stands out above the others, every song on Seventrain’s debut album is rock solid and features outstanding musicianship.  Every member of the band shines in their own right, which is something that isn’t very common nowadays.

Seventrain is bluesy metal at its best.  From gritty, powerful rhythms to guitar harmonies and shredding solos, Seventrain delivers a unique brand of eclectic hard rock.  Fans of great musicianship will not only appreciate the dynamic guitar offerings, but also the musicality of an impressive rhythm section whose contribution goes well beyond providing a solid foundation to build upon.

Campos’ vocals are ideally suited for Seventrain’s sound.  From the moody, slower moments to the powerful wails, Campos uses everything in his arsenal to capture the emotions of each song.

Fans of King’s X will instantly feel a connection to Seventrain from the first vocal harmony to the last.  While King’s X is the most obvious influence, fans of bands like Alter Bridge and Badlands will be drawn to Seventrain’s sound, as will those who are fans of guitarists like Zakk Wylde and Ritchie Blackmore.

Seventrain’s debut album is available on iTunes and Amazon.  If you are a fan of timeless hard rock music, take a ride on a musical journey with Seventrain.


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  1. There is every logical reason for this album to go Big Time. I am very impressed by Seventrain and their music!

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