Fozzy – “Lights Go Out”: Hard Rock Daddy Review

Fozzy Lights Go Out

Chris Jericho is known by the masses as a professional wrestler, but hard rock music fans think of him as the frontman of Fozzy.  Lest anyone think that Fozzy is just a novelty project by a professional wrestler.  The band has been around since 1999, and will be releasing their sixth studio album, Do You Wanna Start A War, on July 22nd of this year.  With a world-renowned wrestler at the helm, and the aforementioned album title, you would think that Fozzy would be all about aggression, but the first single off of the album – “Lights Go Out” – shows that this fighter can also be a lover, or at the very least, a man of passion.

Hard rock and dance music are rarely mentioned in the same breath, but with “Lights Go Out,” Fozzy has blurred the lines between the two, creating a unique hybrid and the perfect song for the one place that these two worlds collide with regularity – strip clubs!  Without even knowing the lyrics, the vibe of the song from the first listen conjures up visions of scantily-clad women writhing around on stage and showing off their gymnastic prowess on the brass pole.  It’s possible that this was the exact intention of the song.

Jericho describes the song as “dark, sexy, sleek, dirty, heavy and catchy as fuck!”  According to Jericho, “It doesn’t matter if you dance to it in a club or mosh to it in a pit, ‘Lights Go Out’ will make you move!”

Channeling the Prince of Darkness, Jericho’s vocals put the “Ozzy” in Fozzy as he wails…

“When the lights go out, the walls come down, we sound just like animals…inhibitions lost, and lines get crossed, you get me off when the lights go out.”

With Fozzy hitting their creative stride, poised to make their mark in the hard rock world, it’s no wonder that Jericho’s wrestling career is taking a back seat to his music and acting pursuits.

“Lights Go Out” has been getting regular airplay on SiriusXM’s Octane, and while there is no actual proof, it is quite likely that the song is in heavy rotation in strip clubs everywhere. If you want to experience “Lights Go Out” in a “glitter-free” environment, check out the lyric video below…


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