Seether – “Words As Weapons”: Hard Rock Daddy Review

Seether Words As Weapons

Seether’s much-anticipated sixth studio album – Isolate and Medicate – will be released tomorrow.  Ahead of the release, the first single – “Words As Weapons” – has already been making a radio impact.  For the past six weeks, the song has been steadily rising towards the top of the Octane Big ‘Uns Countdown.

Despite the fact that their sound deviates from the “norm” of modern hard rock, Seether is one of the most popular bands featured on Octane, and with good reason.  Shaun Morgan’s instantly-recognizable vocals help Seether to stand out amongst other alternative, post-grunge acts; his ability to harness his smoldering rage into catchy, melodic songs is unique, and the trio’s undeniable chemistry gets better with each album.

Like the rest of the songs on Isolate and Medicate, which was recorded over a 16-day period, “Words As Weapons” has a mature, stripped-down quality to it.  Because the album was recorded so expeditiously, any temptation to “smother the tracks with overproduction” was resisted.  The end result of this approach is a song that is as memorable for its spacing as it is for its melody or Morgan’s delivery of very personal lyrics (he describes the entire album as a “collection of diary entries”).

“Words As Weapons” is a shining example of what a power trio can accomplish when each members’ parts contribute equally to a song.  Dale Stewart’s strong bassline holds down the rhythm; John Humphrey’s tribal drum beats build intensity while letting the song breathe, which allows Morgan’s dynamic guitar playing to set the tone and ideally accent the mental picture that he creates with his hauntingly emotive vocal delivery.

Seether has released some stellar songs throughout their career, but “Words As Weapons” might be their best one yet!


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