Wayland – “Get A Little”:  Hard Rock Daddy Video Review

Wayland - "Get A Little"

For many workers, the happiest time of the week is Friday afternoon, and the most dreadful time is Monday morning.  Since the 1980s, Loverboy’s “Working For The Weekend” has been the unofficial anthem of the working man, but with Wayland’s latest release – “Get A Little” – it looks like there may finally be a challenger to Loverboy’s decades of dominance.  If radio stations are smart, they will start to push this catchy, Def Leppard-esque song as the new anthem of the working man on Friday afternoons.

Though they don’t punch a clock, the members of Wayland understand hard work, touring over 300 days per year and doing whatever it takes to build their fanbase.

One of the biggest changes that has happened as a result of the social media revolution is the direct connection between bands and their fans.  Nearly every band has a social media presence to some degree, but a handful of bands go above and beyond to connect with their fans on a much deeper level.  These Michigan rockers definitely fall into the latter category.

Wayland takes great pride in using social media (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and especially Facebook) to connect with their fans.  The band has dubbed their Facebook fans the Wayland Warriors, and features a “Warrior Of The Day” on their page.  They have also designated “Wayland Wednesday” as the day of the week that they release new content and have online merchandise sales.

Because they are so connected to their fans, Wayland understands the plight of the average (Monday-Friday) worker, which is why “Get A Little” comes across as a genuine anthem that will undoubtedly be a fan-favorite when performed live.  To showcase the energy of the song, in a stroke of creative brilliance, the band transitions from the studio version to a live performance half-way through the video.

At this point, Wayland remains somewhat under the radar, but if this song becomes the new anthem of the working man, the band should start to “get a little” more of the recognition that they so richly deserve.


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  1. Best band ever!!! Go Wayland!!!!

  2. Love watching these guys and can’t wait til Sept 6 to rock with them again!

  3. Love this video! Great rock n roll, makes me want to get up and dance and have a great time! Love these guys to pieces!

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