Trivium – “Villainy Thrives”: Hard Rock Daddy Review

Trivium Villainy Thrives

Do you loathe injustice?  Do you hate seeing innocent people suffering at the hands of unspeakable evil?  Trivium’s latest single, “Villainy Thrives,” perfectly captures the feelings of rage that build up inside all of those who long for justice, and seek retribution to evil doers.

The follow-up single to “Strife” has been justifiably climbing up the Octane Big ‘Uns Countdown in recent weeks.  An incredible, modern-day anthem of rage, the rising popularity of “Villainy Thrives” happens to be coinciding with the disturbing news of recent times.

Everyone has their own injustices that they are passionate about, although the most heinous ones tend to be shared by the vast majority.  The beauty of “Villainy Thrives” is that offers a cathartic release to listeners who may connect with the song on different levels.

“Villainy Thrives” features aggressive guitars, thunderous drums, haunting verses and melodic, anthemic choruses.  The powerfully intelligent lyrics are disconcerting at times, especially when they are torturously growled, but that is part of what makes the song impactful.  Invoking a visceral response to thought-provoking lyrics is a defining attribute of many great metal songs, “Villainy Thrives” included.


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