Asking Alexandria – “Moving On”:  Hard Rock Daddy Review

Asking Alexandria Moving On

“Moving On” is the fourth single to be released off of Asking Alexandria’s album, From Death To Destiny.  The traction that the single is generating on hard rock radio (including SiriusXM’s Octane) coincides with the recent release of an incredible acoustic version of the song, which showcases Danny Worsnop’s passionate, melodic vocals.

Asking Alexandria has often times been categorized as “metalcore” because of Worsnop’s screaming ability, but the band defines themselves as a heavy rock band that is influenced by Motley Crue and other 1980s hard rock acts.

While his screams may have garnered attention from this generation of hard rock fans, Worsnop would have fit in perfectly as a rock star frontman during Motley Crue’s heyday.  In addition to his unique, raspy, melodic singing style, Worsnop has also battled many of the same demons as the icons that came before him (drug addiction, alcoholism and depression).

What makes “Moving On” so special is Worsnop’s ability to channel his experience with depression and deliver the melancholic lyrics with a tortured passion that comes from the soul.  In some ways, the song is reminiscent of Bruce Dickinson’s “Man Of Sorrows” off of his 1997 release, Accident Of Birth, although “Moving On” seems to come from a much more personal place.

Often times, something gets lost in the translation when a song is done acoustically, but the acoustic version of “Moving On” is just as impactful as the original (YouTube videos of both versions below).  Either way, the song is one of the best of the year so far!


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