Buckcherry – Fuck (EP):  Hard Rock Daddy Review

Buckcherry Fuck EP

Following up their introspective concept album, Confessions, Buckcherry returns with Fuck, an in-your-face EP that is the polar opposite of their previous release.  This EP isn’t about digging deep; it is about capturing the angst and rebellion that has defined heavy metal since its inception.

Fuck is a raw, unapologetic, 20-minute journey that will be a therapeutic release for some, and a turn-off for others who will criticize the EP as a marketing ploy.  If you think that Josh Todd and the boys give a “fuck” about the latter, you’re sorely mistaken.  You don’t put out an EP like this with no expectation of criticism.

Buckcherry has always marched to the beat of their own drum, regularly using raw, suggestive lyrics, and yet somehow managing to get on terrestrial radio just the same.  Clearly, this EP was not written with the intention of getting radio play (although “Say Fuck It” has become a mainstay on SiriusXM’s Octane).

“Say Fuck It” is definitely the highlight of the EP, not only because of its catchy, “radio-friendly” sound, but also because of its origin.  The song is a slightly altered cover version of the pop hit, “I Love It” by Icona Pop (which was also repurposed in the other direction when it was featured on Kidz Bop).  Clearly, Buckcherry’s version – which features Todd’s signature vocals and a guitar riff that sounds like AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck”– will not be listened to by most kids, much less covered by them.

While the underlying theme is carried out throughout the rest of the EP, the other five tracks on Fuck offer an eclectic mix of styles.

“Somebody Fucked With Me” fuses the classic Buckcherry sound with an homage to Rage Against The Machine.  Not coincidentally, the lyrics “rage against the machine” and everyone else with a scorched earth, “fuck ‘em all” rebelliousness that personifies Buckcherry.

“The Motherfucker” is a straight-forward melodic rocker that would be another radio hit if not for the lyrics.

“I Don’t Give A Fuck” is a dirty, bluesy track with a great groove that features shredding, Clapton-esque guitar solos.

“It’s A Fucking Disaster” – The most dynamic song on the EP seamlessly blends Todd’s high intensity and slow moody vocals (imagine “Sorry” highlighted with pissed-off, punk rage).

“Fist Fuck” – The perfect ending to an EP entitled Fuck, “Fist Fuck” is a Buckcherry-flavored punk rocker that pays tribute to The Ramones and The Sex Pistols.

If you are easily offended, or looking for ear candy, Fuck is not the EP for you.  However, if you are open-minded and can appreciate a band that throws caution to the wind and creates music with reckless abandon, then you will love this fuckin’ EP!


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