Papa Roach – “Face Everything and Rise”: Hard Rock Daddy Review

Papa Roach Face Everything And Rise

It’s been over two years since Papa Roach released The Connection, which featured standout tracks “Where Did The Angels Go” and “Leader Of The Broken Hearts.”  The band has just released the first single – “Face Everything And Rise” – from their upcoming album F.E.A.R. (dropping 1/25/15), and with it, an epic, apocalyptic video (co-directed by frontman, Jacoby Shaddix).  The imagery in the video is reminiscent of the Mad Max movies, but lyrically and sonically, the song is simply the continued evolution of classic Papa Roach.

At the outset, the keyboards and electronic, industrial sound lay a dramatic foundation before the song kicks in with heavy riffs and Shaddix’s powerful delivery.  Intense, raw and tortured like few others, Shaddix’s screams build up to a raging crescendo before seamlessly transitioning into a melodic, anthemic chorus.

The pain that Shaddix has endured through his battles in life allows him to tap into the rage that still lies within.  To his credit, he now channels that rage into uplifting, inspiring anthems like “Face Everything And Rise,” instead of self-destructive behavior.

Easily surpassing 100,000 YouTube page views on the day of the video’s release, “Face Everything And Rise” looks like another hit for Papa Roach.  It won’t be long before the song is burning up the Active Rock and Octane airwaves.  Check out the official video below…


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