Dorothy – “After Midnight”: Hard Rock Daddy Review

Dorothy Band Photo

Over three decades past their heyday, Led Zeppelin’s influence continues to be heard in the music of current hard rock artists, most notably Rival Sons and Crobot (amongst others).  Will Dorothy be the next Zeppelin-esque band to make an impact in the genre?  Based on their debut single, “After Midnight,” you’d have to think that the chances are pretty good, provided that they get the radio push that they deserve.

After hearing the last 45 seconds of “After Midnight” on SiriusXM’s Octane, I was immediately hooked.  The song has only gotten better with each subsequent listen on YouTube.  With a classic, 70s blues rock sound, and a cinematic quality, “After Midnight” is ideally suited to be featured in a movie or on a television show.  At the very least, it deserves to make an impact on Active Rock radio.

In true Zeppelin fashion, there is a mystique about the band that goes beyond their sound.  Aside from being a female-fronted, L.A.-based quartet with a self-titled EP available on iTunes, there is very little information published about the band on their Facebook page, although they were featured in LA Weekly late last year.

According to the article, the soulful, bluesy front woman that the band is named after had to overcome stage fright, although you wouldn’t know it listening to her confident, Janis Joplin-like vocals.  The L.A. transplant, who was born in Budapest, Hungary and raised in San Diego, admits having a “sailor mouth,” and is adamant about getting noticed for her music rather than her undeniable good looks or sex appeal.

With a unique delivery that harkens back to the early days of hard rock, and a powerful band behind her, there is no reason for Dorothy to be defined by her looks.  Make sure to keep this band on your radar.


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