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Hard Rock Daddy’s 3rd Anniversary – A Look Back…A Look Ahead

Hard Rock Daddy's 3rd Anniversary

By Adam Waldman

The words under my high school yearbook photo read…“Dream on, dream until your dreams come true.”  It never dawned on me when I used that famous Aerosmith lyric that I didn’t really know what my dreams even were.  When you’re graduating high school, the world is your oyster and the possibilities are endless.

It wasn’t until I started working in the music industry that my dreams started to take shape, and even then, it was several years later that I found my true calling.  To quote Aerosmith once again…“Life’s a journey, not a destination, and I just can’t tell, just what tomorrow brings.”

Truth be told, when Hard Rock Daddy launched three years ago on this date, there were no maps for the path ahead.  It was, for all intents and purposes, a road trip with no planned destination.  Over the past three years, there have been moments of triumph and moments of defeat, all of which helped to shape the site into what it is today.

By no means has Hard Rock Daddy reached its destination.  It’s a work in progress, and I suspect that it always will be.  As the saying goes…“If you’re not moving forward, you’re falling behind.”   Anniversaries are the perfect time to take a moment to reflect back on the journey so far, while at the same time, planning for the road ahead.

Over the past three years, Hard Rock Daddy has become a destination for hard rock music fans around the world to keep tabs on Active Rock radio with the weekly recap of the Octane Big ‘Uns Countdown and the HRD Radio Report, and the top selling hard rock albums with weekly Billboard reports.  Most importantly, Hard Rock Daddy has become a resource for those looking to discover hard rock and metal artists who don’t otherwise get the attention that they deserve on Music Discovery Monday.

2015 was a breakthrough year for Hard Rock Daddy, as the site eclipsed 1,000,000 annual page views.  Looking back to March of 2013, I never would have imagined such a fast growth trajectory.  While the journey so far has been amazing, it is the future that has me so energized.

Starting this month, Hard Rock Daddy will be introducing some exciting new features, with more planned to be announced in the coming months.  On Friday, March 5th, we will be launching a new monthly column called “The Inferno Of Rock Report.”  This new feature will take a look at hard rock news, industry news and trends, and offer up some challenging hard rock trivia questions.  Written by Ian Liberman (creator of the Inferno Of Rock trivia game), this column promises to be something totally unique.

Also making its debut this month is a new feature that will give Hard Rock Daddy readers a backstage pass into the lives of a number of hard rock artists.  The details of this new feature will be revealed in an upcoming announcement.  Suffice it to say that this is the biggest undertaking on the Hard Rock Daddy journey so far, but it is well worth it.

To the readers of Hard Rock Daddy around the world, I would like to offer my sincerest gratitude for your continued support.  Without you, the site never would have been able to make the impact that it has.  I also want to give special thanks to Jon Loveless, Rob Dell’Aquila and Chris Herzegovitch for the weekly contributions that they each make to give our audience an even greater breadth of music to discover.

Stay tuned for more announcements to come in the near future…

That Metal Show Season 14 Premier to Feature Rush’s Geddy Lee and Dream Theater’s John Petrucci

That Metal Show - Season 14 Premier - 2-21-15

The seemingly endless wait for new season of That Metal Show is finally over!  Rush’s Geddy Lee will be the featured guest for the season 14 premier, which airs on Saturday, February 21st on VH-1 Classic in the show’s new 9:00pm EST time slot.

Lee, who hasn’t appeared on the show since he and Alex Lifeson visited the set during the first season, will be discussing Rush’s 40th Anniversary Tour.  This historic tour will visit 34 cities across North America, kicking off in Tulsa, OK on May 8th.

 “I couldn’t be more honored to welcome back Geddy to the set to celebrate 40 plus years of Rush and the return of TMS!” states host/co-producer, Eddie Trunk.

Dream Theater’s 7-string guitar virtuoso, John Petrucci, will be making his TMS debut as the musical guest.  With Lee and Petrucci, TMS is ushering in season 14 with prog rock royalty, and setting the bar very high for the following 11 episodes.

TMS fans can expect the return of some notable segments throughout the season with Trunk and fellow co-hosts, Don Jamieson and Jim Florentine, including:  “Metal Modem,” “TMS Top 5,” “Rank” and “Take It Or Leave It.”  Of course, no episode of That Metal Show would be complete without the most famous show segment – “Stump The Trunk.”

As always, TMS fans can stay up-to-date on everything that happens on the show by reading Hard Rock Daddy’s weekly recaps.

That Metal Show Returns For Season 14

That Metal Show - Season 14

Hard rock and heavy metal fans rejoice!  The wait is finally over, and it won’t be long before you get to spend Saturday nights hanging out with Eddie Trunk, Don Jamieson, Jim Florentine and numerous artists on Season 14 of That Metal Show.  The centerpiece of VH-1 Classic’s original programming returns for a 12-episode run beginning on Saturday, Februrary 21st, and will now be airing at 9:00pm EST.

Like Season 13, That Metal Show will be filmed on Tuesday nights for each Saturday broadcast.  Filming takes place at Metropolis Studios in New York City.  If you are interested in attending a live taping, (which is highly recommended), click here to reserve your tickets.

Eddie Trunk shares the same excitement as TMS fans about the upcoming season…

“It’s been a bit of a lay-off, but I’m so thrilled to be back with Season 14 of That Metal Show.  We’re already lining up a great roster of new and returning guests from the world of rock and metal that I’m sure everyone will love!”

Hard Rock Daddy readers who live outside of the viewing area can read the weekly recaps of the show on Sundays.  Check out the links below to get caught up on Season 13…

That Metal Show – Season 13, Episode 1:  Zakk Wylde, M. Shadows, Jason Hook

That Metal Show – Season 13, Episode 2:  Corey Taylor, Vernon Reid, Morgan Rose, Joel Hoekstra

That Metal Show – Season 13, Episode 3:  Frankie Bello, Dave Ellefson, Bumblefoot

That Metal Show – Season 13, Episode 4:  Ted Nugent, Gary Hoey

That Metal Show – Season 13, Episode 5:  Alter Bridge’s Myles Kennedy and Mark Tremonti, Matt Nathanson, Steve Brown

That Metal Show – Season 13, Episode 6: Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe and Chris Adler, Charlie Benante

That Metal Show – Season 13, Episode 7:  Mick Jones, Leslie West, Lita Ford

That Metal Show – Season 13, Episode 8: Mick Mars, Tom Keifer

That Metal Show – Season 13, Episode 9: Dee Snider, Chris Caffery

That Metal Show – Season 13, Episode 10: Peter Criss, Richard Christy

That Metal Show – Season 13, Episode 11: The Winery Dogs, Vinnie Paul, Yngwie Malmsteen

That Metal Show – Season 13, Episode 12:  Joe Satriani, Artie Lange, Jim Breuer, Yngwie Malmsteen




Hard Rock Daddy Announces New Weekly Feature – MUSIC DISCOVERY MONDAY

Hard Rock Daddy Music Discovery Monday

Hard rock music has enjoyed a renaissance in recent years, but while the genre has grown, the ability to discover new music has not.  Terrestrial radio is limited (to say the least).  Satellite radio has a broader playlist, but is still relatively limited in the scheme of things.  In an effort to expose hard rock fans around the world to music that is flying below radio’s radar, Hard Rock Daddy is announcing the launch of an exciting new feature called “Music Discovery Monday.”

Music Discovery Monday will make its debut on Hard Rock Daddy on November 10, 2014.  The column will feature a number of songs each week chosen by the HRD team (see profiles below).



Adam Waldman (Publisher, Hard Rock Daddy)

My music obsession began in the mid-70s and peaked in the 80s (the golden age of hard rock and metal).  The arrival of grunge in the 90s was a dark period for those of us who grew up on hard rock in America, but I never lost hope that there would be a revival at some point.

Excited about the state of hard rock and metal, I launched Hard Rock Daddy in March of 2013.  From the beginning, the goal of the site has been to promote hard rock music artists in a positive light.  It didn’t take long to realize that a lot of great music was flying below the radar of both terrestrial and satellite radio, and that fans of the genre have grown frustrated with the lack of exposure to a wide variety of new music.

One of my favorite quotes is…“be the change you wish to see in the world.”  Rather than complaining about the limitations of radio, in an effort to be the change I wish to see in the world, I decided to put together a team of like-minded individuals who have a knack for unearthing hidden hard rock gems.

From lesser-known 80s metal artists, to hard rock artists of the 90s who got overshadowed by the grunge movement, to worldwide hard rock artists of today, I look forward to sharing a variety of underexposed music with Hard Rock Daddy readers around the world.


 Jon Loveless (HRD Music Scout)

Musically rooted in 80s metal, and having survived the wasteland that was the 90s, my tastes nowadays lean towards the various sub-genres and niches of hard rock (Active, Mainstream, Metal, Melodic, Post-Grunge and Christian).

Having spent the better part of two decades in radio, I tend to bring that experience into my approach for organizing and tracking the vast amount of quality hard rock music that is out there today.  I’m looking forward to sharing the gems that I find that don’t get the radio attention that they deserve in both the United States and Canada.


 Rob Dell’Aquila (HRD Music Scout)

I grew up loving 70s rock and 80s metal.  Needless to say, I was absolutely crushed by the direction that hard rock music took in the 90s. The Age of the Internet reconnected me with great music, at home in America and especially in Europe, where that bygone music kept evolving as if the American 90s never happened.

I am most passionate about Power and Progressive Metal, especially those bands that combine elements of both.  Discovering lesser known artists and tracing their branches both backwards and forwards, I’ve created a catalog of quality music that I’m looking forward to sharing with the Hard Rock Daddy audience.


 Chris Herzegovitch (HRD Music Scout)

I’ve loved rock music since my childhood days.  My musical foundation is built upon the heavy rock of the 60s and 70s, 80s metal, grunge metal and progressives from the 90s to today.

My favorite bands (of which there are many) include: Triumph, Deep Purple, Rainbow, Tesla, Queensryche, Iron Maiden, Avenged Sevenfold and Foo Fighters.  And, my all-time favorite album? Heaven & Hell.  By and large, the music that moves me is anything that combines a distinctive rhythm with great vocals.

I’m looking forward to sharing the music that flies under the radar in the following sub-genres:  Traditional Metal, Neo-Classical, Melodic, Progressive and Power Metal.



All songs featured on Music Discovery Monday from albums that were released in the current or previous calendar year will be considered “new.”  In addition, songs from preceding years will be featured under the separate heading of “Hard Rock Music Time Machine.”

The weekly YouTube playlists of both “new” songs and the “Hard Rock Music Time Machine” songs will be archived separately on the Hard Rock Daddy Network (as will monthly playlists by broken down by sub-genre).  Be sure to subscribe to Hard Rock Daddy Network to receive e-mail notifications when new playlists are posted.

As we move forward, Music Discovery Monday will feature recommended picks from guest HRD Music Scouts (some of whom will be hard rock artists).



Artists interested in being featured on Music Discovery Monday should send a bio and YouTube link for the song being submitted to…

October is National Bullying Prevention Month on Hard Rock Daddy


The arrival of October marks the beginning of National Bullying Prevention Month.  Hard Rock Daddy will be featuring a number of anti-bullying messages, stories and more from various hard rock artists throughout the month.

Hard Rock Daddy has become more “hard rock” than “daddy” since launching in March of 2013, but this month, the two worlds will once again collide.  As a parent of school-aged children, the issue of bullying is one that is always top of mind, especially with the increased number of school shootings and suicides in recent years.

Back in July, a review of Longreef’s song – “Battle Plan” – was featured on Hard Rock Daddy.  The eye-opening video brought to light some very disturbing (and sobering) statistics.  During a lengthy phone conversation with Longreef guitarist, Nick Miller, we came up with the idea to do more together to help promote anti-bullying messages by hard rock artists, a number of whom had also written anti-bullying songs.  Longreef has partnered with an organization called Friend Movement to help spread their anti-bullying message and offer free downloads of this very powerful song, which was written by frontman, Josh Barker.

Since Longreef was the inspiration to create this month-long campaign, the decision was made to start the coverage by interviewing Barker later this week about “Battle Plan.” We will be discussing the inspiration behind the lyrics, his personal dealings with bullying during his school years and the band’s partnership with Friend Movement.

National Bullying Prevention Month on Hard Rock Daddy transcends musical taste or preferences.  This campaign is all about spreading an anti-bullying message, and also to let kids who are currently being bullied know that help is available, that they are not alone and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

If you are anti-bullying, please share as many of these stories as you can with your friends on social media.

There was a time when people didn’t believe that they were powerful enough as individuals to make a difference, but the recent ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has proven that there is strength in numbers.  Together, we can make a difference.  WE ARE THE BATTLE PLAN!

Hard Rock Daddy Announces Plans for National Bullying Prevention Month

October Is National Bullying Prevention Month

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and throughout the month, Hard Rock Daddy will be working in conjunction with a number of hard rock artists to encourage bullying prevention.

Now that students across the country have all returned to school, the awareness surrounding bullying will once again be heightened.

“As a parent, this issue is always top of mind throughout the school year, due in large part to the rash of school shootings that have taken place in recent years,” stated Hard Rock Daddy Publisher, Adam Waldman.  “Although I personally only dealt with a few minor bullying incidents throughout my school years, I have seen the devastation that is caused by both physical and mental bullying, especially when it comes to social media,” continued Waldman.

Hard Rock Daddy’s plans for National Bullying Prevention Month include: features of hard rock artists sharing personal bullying stories from their childhood, a spotlight on hard rock songs that were written about bullying (and the backstories behind the lyrics), public service announcements by prominent hard rock artists and more.

“Too often, kids that are bullied feel isolated and fear the repercussions of talking to an authority figure,” said Waldman.  “Hard Rock Daddy’s goal with this month-long campaign is to let kids know that they are not alone, that there is help available, and that there are well-known rock stars who dealt with the same issues when they were growing up.”

A number of hard rock artists have already committed to be a part of this bullying prevention campaign.  The entire list of artists will be released at the end of September.



To learn more about this campaign, please contact

Adam Waldman, Publisher



ABOUT HARD ROCK DADDYHard Rock Daddy is an influential hard rock music website with over 60,000 monthly page views, and readers in 184 countries around the world.