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The Last Vegas

Inspired by 70’s classic rock and glam, 80’s hard rock and heavy metal, punk and garage rock, The Last Vegas (TLV) formed in Chicago in 2005, and have been on a steady rise ever since.  In 2009, TLV burst onto the national scene after Nikki Sixx saw them play live and subsequently co-produced their third album “Whatever Gets You Off.”   TLV is this generation’s quintessential dirty rock band. They have previously toured with Motley Crue, and are about to embark on a tour with Buckcherry that will take them across Europe and North America.

TLV is in the process of recording their fifth studio album, which is slated to be released in September before the European leg of the tour kicks off.

To fund the recording of the album and the tour with Buckcherry, TLV has launched a pledgemusic crowdfunding campaign.  Like other crowdfunding music campaigns, TLV is offering rewards to those who help them to reach their funding goal.  However, most other campaigns don’t offer the wide variety of rewards that TLV is offering, including an acoustic performance at a backyard BBQ party.

In addition to their planned record release and tour, TLV has just debuted a new video for “She’s My Confusion” (see below) from their 2012 release “Bad Decisions.”

The video is based on a well-known, Chicago-area ghost story named Resurrection Mary that has been around since the 1930s. The young woman, Mary, had spent the evening dancing at the Oh Henry Ballroom (now the Willowbrook) with a boyfriend. Following an argument that evening, Mary left the ballroom, stormed out into the cold winter’s night, and walked along Archer Avenue. Not long after, she was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver who fled the scene leaving her to die. The story survives through the many men who claim picking up a young female hitchhiker along Archer Avenue between the Willowbrook Ballroom (which is the locale for the video) and Resurrection Cemetery. When reaching the cemetery, the young woman is let out only to disappear into the cemetery.

The Willowbrook Ballroom is a Chicago musical institution; one bad-ass, old-school place which drips of mystery, intrigue and aura. What better place to film an unconventional rock video for ‘She’s My Confusion?’  We stepped back in time and addressed whether those noises we hear in the night are real, or just a dream.Adam Arling (TLV guitarist)

If you’re a fan of bands like Guns N’ Roses, Motley Crue and Buckcherry, you will undoubtedly become a TLV fan after listening to them.  Check out the video below and visit the TLV pledgemusic page to contribute to the band’s crowdfunding campaign.

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Dude, Where’s Our Bus?! – Keep NONPOINT On The Road – Indiegogo Campaign – Deadline 4/18/13!

Dude, Where's Our Bus?! - Keep NONPOINT On the Road

For many people, the average workday consists of fairly repetitive, mundane routines.  This repetition is the main reason that people find Mondays exhausting, and Fridays exhilarating. It’s sad to say, but the average person lives for the weekend.  Many people wish that they could live the glamorous life of a rock star, playing music for a living and partying during the down time, but the perception of the life of a professional musician is vastly different than reality.

Nonpoint is a band that would appear to most hard rock music fans to be living the dream, but that is not entirely true.  Their songs are often played on the radio, and they tour with some of the top bands in the genre.  But everything has a cost, and like the average person, Nonpoint, and other artists like them, must adhere to a budget.

Surviving as an up-and-coming artist today is a challenge because the days of huge financial backing from record labels are long gone.  For most artists, the only way to survive is to tour with regularity, but getting bookings is only half of the equation.  The other half is being able to fund the expenses that go hand-in-hand with touring (tour bus, fuel, crew/roadies, food).  It all adds up much faster than people would imagine.

Thankfully, artists have another financing option these days – crowdfunding, where fans can make small donations in exchange for unique perks.  Check out the perks for each contribution level (starting at only $10),  and a short campaign video featured on the band’s Indiegogo page – “Dude, Where’s Our Bus?! – Keep NONPOINT On The Road.”

Nonpoint’s deadline to reach their $50,000 goal is on 4/18/13.  So far, the campaign has generated over $33,000 from nearly 500 funders.

After several years of struggling to succeed with various lineups dating back to 1997, Nonpoint is finally getting the recognition that they deserve.  The band’s song “Left For You” was featured on the Top 12 Hard Rock Songs of 2012, and they currently have the opportunity to tour with Hinder, All That Remains, Hell Yeah and others.

Help Nonpoint make it to your town by contributing to their Indiegogo campaign and enjoying some very cool perks.  Click on the link below to contribute…

Dude, Where’s Our Bus?! – Keep NONPOINT On The Road – Contributions