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Inferno of Rock – The Hard Rock Game from Hell

Inferno of Rock - The Hard Rock Game from Hell

By Adam Waldman

It isn’t often that I come across something truly unique that is geared towards fans of hard rock and metal.  Sure, you can get your hands on plenty of cool merch emblazoned with band logos, and find more music then one could possibly listen to in a lifetime, but Inferno of Rock (“The Hard Rock Game from Hell”) is something different.  It would make a great gift for any fan of the genre, but this is not just some novelty game that will lose its luster after the holidays are over.

Inferno of Rock is an easy-to-play, entertaining hard rock card game where you learn interesting facts about numerous artists.  Aside from the subject matter of the game, what makes it so enjoyable is the simplicity of the rules and a feature that simply doesn’t exist in any other question & answer game that I’ve ever come across…each player has the opportunity to answer every question.

The graphics on the Platinum Cards (which you collect to win the game) perfectly capture the essence of hard rock, and make you look forward to earning them.  However, the true brilliance of the design is in the layout of the question cards, which allows the person asking the question to play along.  The answer to each question (either “A,” “B” or “C”) is located at the bottom of each card, and can be easily covered with your thumb while you ask the questions.  You wouldn’t want to play this with those who like to cheat at games, but we all know that there is honor among metalheads, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Some of the answers will come easily to you, while others will leave you scratching your head, and guessing.  In some ways, it’s even more fun to not know the answer because it gives you the opportunity to learn.

You don’t have to be a hard rock music buff to enjoy the game.  In fact, when I played it with my wife, some of the things that I thought that I knew led me to choose the wrong answer.  Other times, my cockiness led me to pick up the corresponding answer card too quickly, making it easy for my wife to earn a Platinum Card without even knowing the answer.

Whether you’re playing Inferno of Rock for bragging rights, to increase your hard rock music knowledge or turning this into the coolest drinking game ever with your (legal-age) metalhead friends, this is a game that you will look forward to playing.

Even when you’re not playing the game, it won’t collect dust on a shelf somewhere.  The killer packaging is the perfect size to leave on your desk as a conversation piece (or to keep handy to study up to beat your friends).

Inferno of Rock creator Ian Liberman calls this “the ultimate hard rock collectible game.”  He’s absolutely right!  I was so impressed with the game and Liberman’s knowledge that we will be creating exclusive content around it on Hard Rock Daddy in 2016 (details to follow shortly).

Inferno of Rock (which comes with over 400 cards) is available for only $25 at  100-card expansion packs are also available on the site for an additional $10.

Whether you are buying this as a gift for someone else or for yourself, you will not be disappointed.  This game rocks! \m/