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Undiscovered Hard Rock Gems: German Metal Band – SURGEON

Surgeon Logo

In 1991, the world of heavy metal was turned upside down with Nirvana’s debut album, NevermindSeemingly overnight, 80’s metal fell out of favor as the grunge movement began.  Even the most diehard metal fans could appreciate what Nirvana brought to the table musically, but their success helped to bring 80’s metal to a screeching halt in favor of copycat grunge bands that were often times subpar.  If not for the grunge movement, there’s no telling how popular the German metal band, Surgeon, may have become.  Since there is very little information available about the band, one can only speculate that this powerful, melodic band in the Iron Maiden vein was victimized by bad timing.  If they had made their debut a few years before the grunge movement, they may have been able to build a loyal enough following to carry them through the 1990’s.  Unfortunately, their 1991 debut album, The Sign Of Ending Grace, also appears to have been their last.  The album is difficult to find, but thanks to YouTube, hard rock fans still have the opportunity to check out a great band that never got their due…

Undiscovered Hard Rock Gems – Mama Kettle

Mama Kettle Steve Broderick

While doing research to compile a list of hard rock songs for Mother’s Day, I was reminded of one of my favorite bands, Mama Kettle.  Like many independent hard rock bands of today, Mama Kettle enjoyed a certain degree of success, but for various reasons including bad luck and bad timing, they were never able to land the record deal that would have helped launch their career.  The band built a loyal following with their live show, but were never able to develop a lasting independent career in the pre-social media days.  To fans like me who followed the band closely, Mama Kettle was more than a band; they were an experience.  But to the rest of the world, Mama Kettle is nothing more than an “undiscovered hard rock gem.”

In their heyday, Mama Kettle opened for a number of well-known acts and worked with high-profile managers.  The band may not have gotten the recognition that they deserved, but the individual members have not all remained undiscovered.

While most of the band peaked during their Mama Kettle days, frontman, Steve Broderick, has gone on to perform in arenas as one of the singers in Trans-Siberian Orchestras annual Christmas show.  These days, Broderick is working on a solo career, and in recent years, he has rerecorded some of the classic songs that he wrote with Mama Kettle, keeping the music and memories alive.

Mother’s Day may inspire Mama Kettle fans to reminisce about days gone by and wonder what might have been, but the only “mamas” on Broderick’s mind this weekend are his own and his wife (the mother of his three children).

Check out the Mama Kettle video below.  These undiscovered hard rock gems truly were the “Genuine Article!”