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Blacklite District – “Cold As Ice”: Video WORLD PREMIERE


Blacklite District has just released “Cold As Ice” (the latest single from their upcoming album, Instant Gratification).  Today on Hard Rock Daddy, we feature the world premiere of the video for the song, and share an exclusive look at the meaning behind the song from Blacklite District frontman, Kyle Pfeifer.

Blacklite District marches to the beat of their own drum, both musically (with a unique mixture of rock, rap and synthesizers) and in mindset.  Getting attention these days is challenging enough for any band, much less one that is brave enough to shake things up with a sound that is disruptive to the norm.  To their credit, the band has continued to build a loyal audience and fan base even when radio doesn’t jump on board right away.

There is an air of defiance to “Cold As Ice,” a track that throws caution to the wind with a frenetic mixture of rock and rap and their signature electronic sound.  It’s not easy to make all of these elements work together, but Blacklite District makes it look like it is.  We need more bands like this that dare to be different!


In a Hard Rock Daddy exclusive, Blacklite District frontman Kyle Pfeiffer discusses “Cold As Ice”

“Cold As Ice” is straight-up and in-your-face.  I talk about the real issues that are in this business, and artists getting told not to do things a certain way.  The funny thing is, every time we’ve done something our way, we get the best result.  We don’t believe in following the trends, because there are no trends.  Rock radio has gotten very boring, and I think we all know that on a certain level.  It’s an open playing field and we’re gonna scratch and claw our way to the top.  We’ve gotten 5 million plays on YouTube over the last couple of months, and we have a large online following (in terms of sales & streams).  It’s only up from here!  We encourage anyone looking for a show that has something new and real, to come see us on this upcoming tour. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Blacklite District is the REAL DEAL!”

Check out the video for “Cold As Ice” below…

Exclusive World Premiere: Ugly Melon – “The Rose”


By Adam Waldman

Friday the 13th…a day that the superstitious fear, but it is also one that people like me embrace.  After a long wait, the day has finally come for the debut EP from a band that has been featured prominently over the past year or so on Hard Rock Daddy.  Every song on Ugly Melon’s EP is outstanding, but that is a story for another day.  Today, we celebrate the debut of a track that is near and dear to my heart – a brilliant cover of “The Rose,” which was made famous by Bette Midler in 1979 when it was featured in a movie with the same name.

So what makes this more special than any other exclusive world premiere that we’ve done?  To fully appreciate what this moment means, we must travel back in time to the ‘80s, when I had dreams (like many) of becoming a rock star.  The only problem is that I didn’t play any instrument, and was never more than an average vocalist (at best).  My strength was always in lyric writing and the ability to hear things in my mind that I knew others would appreciate if I was somehow able to have someone with true talent interpret my ideas.  That’s where Ugly Melon comes in – more specifically, vocalist Tony LaSelva and guitarist Lu Cachie.

It feels like a lifetime ago that this dynamic duo sent in a cold submission for a feature on Music Discovery Monday, but the truth of the matter is that it was less than a year ago.  Since that time, Ugly Melon been featured a number of times on Hard Rock Daddy – including as the #13 song on our recently published Top 100 Hard Rock Songs of 2016.  The music is what drew me to the band, but over the course of the last year, we have become friends with a mutual trust and respect.

When I heard Bette Midler’s version of “The Rose” while driving in the car one day with my family, I instantly said that Ugly Melon has to do a cover version of the song.  I knew that LaSelva’s soulful vocal style would bring the emotion of the song to an entirely new level, and that Cachie would do the same with his poignant guitar arrangement.  The trick was conveying my vision to a band that wasn’t even looking to do a cover song.  Because of our relationship, this duo got to work on one of the most inspired hard rock cover songs that I’ve ever heard.

Because we connect on a level that goes beyond music, I was able to use shared personal tragedies as an inspiration to get LaSelva to tap into exactly what I was thinking for the song.  He did what I would have done if I had his vocal gift.  Cachie took the references that I gave him and delivered something truly memorable.  It’s as if he had experienced the same pain as us.

I have listened to this song dozens of times (often times playing it on a loop).  It continues to get better with each listen.  You don’t have to be familiar with the original to appreciate this masterpiece.  Those who are familiar with the original will find that all of the elements that made the song emotionally stirring are still there.  Ugly Melon has brought out the bittersweet beauty of “The Rose” in a way that no one else could have.  I’m honored to have my friends be the ones to bring my vision to life in such a meaningful way.

Without further ado, I present to you the exclusive world premiere of Ugly Melon’s interpretation of “The Rose”

Ugly Melon – “Where Did I Go Wrong?”: Exclusive Hard Rock Daddy Video Premiere


For several decades, rock bands have featured soulful vocalists singing the blues about broken relationships.  However, it’s hard to recall many who took their vocals to the same depths that Ugly Melon’s Tony LaSelva does on the band’s latest single, “Where Did I Go Wrong?”

LaSelva uniquely combines the rich, emotive tone of David Coverdale with the soul-penetrating, tortured vibe that Trent Reznor made famous on songs like “Hurt.”  That would be more than enough to make this song incredibly powerful, but the wailing guitar of Lu Cachie (that seems to cry out in pain) gives “Where Did I Go Wrong?” another layer of depth and emotion.

In a Hard Rock Daddy exclusive, LaSelva shared the meaning of “Where Did I Go Wrong?”

“This is a song about regret where the protagonist faces real loss, having once believed, and now is without any hope.  While most listeners will come to the conclusion that the song is about a lost love, the lyrics ‘now you’re gone’ could also be referring to the loss of a family member or close friend.  When you lose someone that is important to you, there is a time of reflection where you analyze what you may have contributed to that person leaving.

‘Where Did I Go Wrong?’ is a song is about reflecting, looking deep into your soul and searching for answers within.  The only thing worse than having to face your own faults or mistakes is not knowing what they are in the first place.

The pain is the pulse of ‘Where Did I Go Wrong?’  There is no happy ending or revelation.  Just sorrow.  Because sometimes in life, that’s all there is.”

Check out the premiere of the lyric video below for “Where Did I Go Wrong?”

Ugly Melon – “Leave It All Behind” Video Premiere: Hard Rock Daddy Exclusive

Ugly Melon - Leave It All Behind - Video Premiere

By Adam Waldman

On February 8, 2016, Hard Rock Daddy featured Ugly Melon’s “Leave It All Behind” on Music Discovery Monday.  At the time, the band had yet to make a video for the song.  We could have waited to do the feature, but the song is simply too good to have left it sitting on the shelf until the video was ready, so the audio-only YouTube was used for expediency purposes.

Today, Hard Rock Daddy is proud to present the exclusive video premiere of “Leave It All Behind” from one of the best new artists in hard rock today.  If you missed the song when it was featured on Music Discovery Monday, don’t miss it this time around.  (Click here to read the full review and the inspiration and meaning behind the song as shared by Ugly Melon’s outstanding vocalist, Tony LaSelva).

If you’re a fan of classic, arena-worthy heavy metal, Ugly Melon is a band that you must check out!

“Leave It All Behind” official video below…

Sonic X – “Save Yourself” Video World Premiere: Hard Rock Daddy Exclusive

Sonic X - Save Yourself

Hard Rock Daddy is proud to present the world premiere of the video for “Save Yourself” by Sonic X – the follow-up to the band’s outstanding single, “Pray.”

There is no doubt that this Toronto-based power quartet is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the hard rock genre before long.  The band’s 4-song EP, Fall From Grace, is one of the more inspired and memorable debuts to emerge in recent times.  Incorporating elements from the 80s (the glory days of metal), and blending them with elements of modern hard rock, Sonic X has created a fresh sound that is as relevant today as it would have been decades ago.  If you have an appreciation for exceptional musicianship and meaningful lyrics, this is a band that you must check out.

In a Hard Rock Daddy exclusive, Sonic X frontman, Adam Troy shares the inspiration for “Save Yourself” and provides insight into the making of this superb DIY video…

“Basically, the song is about living recklessly and not really giving a shit about how it affects you or those around you.  We are living in a very narcissistic society that gives little thought to its actions (or much else) if it conflicts with a particular lifestyle.

Alcoholism… gambling…addiction…procrastination…‘my car sucks’…‘why can’t I do that?’…‘I want, I need, gimme, gimme, gimme!’…(Thank you Bill Murray)

Even though ‘Save Yourself’ has nothing do with it, I relate it to the song ‘I, Me, Mine’ (by George Harrison) in that everything these days is…I…me…mine.

For the record I’m just as guilty; I walk around with the same issues as everyone else.  The only difference is that I make an effort to own my own shit (which is the essence of the song)…owning your bullshit…and if you won’t ….well….‘Save Yourself!’

The video comes from a place of people doing things that are reckless, living outrageous lives (myself included). Some things seem crazy and comical, while others are outright dangerous, yet we still do it, never really thinking how it affects those around us.  Sometimes it’s good, and other times, it’s downright dysfunctional.”

Check out the video for “Save Yourself” below…