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  1. Weird question.. but I’m sure you get alot of these! By the way LOVE your station!
    Ok.. here’s my question.. I was in my car around 4:00- 4:30pm last Saturday sept 28th and yall played the most kick ass song, not sure if it is brand new or has been out long. I have been doing alot of investigating, and can’t find anything…
    Is there anyway y’all could send me the songs you played during that time? Please 🙂

    Keep rockin!

  2. Love five finger seen them in Edmonton Alberta a few weeks ago was sick . U guys need to mix it up more with five finger , to much battle born . Otherwise don’t ever turn u guys off . Love the station


    Just wanted to say I ran in to your site tonight and love the Big Un’s videos posted – this is awesome!

    • Thanks Jason! I appreciate your feedback. The charts are posted weekly, and if you’d like to see any of the archives dating back to March of 2013, you can go to If you want to make sure that you don’t miss any of the weekly countdowns, you can subscribe on the home page. Thanks for reading!

  4. Greetings AW!

    Eagerly awaiting YOUR list of Top Hard Rock Songs of 2014.
    Loved your List for 2013 (

    Rock ON \m/

  5. Just have a quick question. Does Mushroomhead get any play on Octane? I did hear their song Out of my mind play a while ago, but I’m just curious with the style of bands that are played on Octane, why I never hear them on there?

    • Hey Kevin. I’m not sure exactly how they decide on their playlists. “Out Of My Mind” did get some airplay a while back, but they were never put into heavy rotation. There are a number of other bands out there like that as well that get some airplay, but only for a short while.

  6. Keep rocking it. Just got my satellite radio hooked up and ready to be rocked. Thank you for this station

  7. I can’t get enough of Something by Escape The Fate. Love this song!!!!!!!✌🏻️✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

  8. hi. i am portuguese and i couldn’t be happier to see a reference to a portuguese rock band in this space. portugal has good rock bands and it is really an honour to have one referenced here. thank you for that. i also agree with the article about canadian bands, there are great rock bands in canada and some of them are very underrated. keep up the excellent work.

  9. Please play more Hell yeah I dont care anymore.

  10. How do I vote ??…. For Breaking Benjamin ashes to Eden .. Best song ever

  11. I’ve been visiting your site since you began. Absoutley love it. Great to see someone with the same passion I have for music, especially the hard rock variety. New bands and older bands, it doesn’t matter. It’s funny when you feel like your the only one feeling the way you do about certain bands or songs. When I visit this site I know I’m not alone in that passion.
    I had to comment on your throwback section this week. Two songs I love and just found funny that you all had in this weeks throwback. Motley Crue’s ” Motherfucker of the Year” and Triumph’s “All the Way” (1983 BTW). I feel like we were separated at birth sometimes.
    Keep up the great work. Appreciate all you do on this site.

  12. Octane staff and fans… PLEASE help me find the name of this band. They are very hard rock with some screaming and they break into some very tight Latin Jazz riffs for a bridge or two. I didn’t see any names that ring a bell when I looked at the top billboards for this month. Any info is greatly appreciated. Love y’all, keep rocking!

  13. I heard a song in 2016 it had no singing. It was catchy I was wondering if you know. It was later in 2016

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