Hard Rock Daddy Announces New Weekly Feature – “My Rock and Roll Journey”


Hard Rock Daddy Announces New Weekly Feature – “My Rock and Roll Journey”

(New York) – Once upon a time, aspiring rock artists set their sights on landing a record deal and receiving significant advances to fund their dreams of becoming rock stars.  Those days have long since passed.  Aspiring rock artists today have to do a lot of work on their own, and often times have to go out of pocket to record, tour and create merchandise to sell at their shows.  Outsiders may see the life of a rock artist as glamorous, but it is much more of a grind than they realize.

Hard Rock Daddy is proud to present a new weekly feature called “My Rock and Roll Journey.”  With this feature, readers will get a virtual backstage pass into the lives of eight aspiring North American rock artists (four each from the United States and Canada).  The stories from the chosen artists will take readers all the way back to the beginning of their respective journeys.

“My Rock and Roll Journey” articles will all be written by the featured artists themselves on a rotating basis.  Every eight weeks, the artists will add another chapter to their story, eventually catching up to their current life on the road.

“With ‘My Rock and Roll Journey’ we’re giving developing artists a chance to form a deeper connection with our readers and their fans,” said Hard Rock Daddy Publisher/Editor Adam Waldman.

“These eight artists were chosen not only for their outstanding musical talent, but also for their unique stories and personalities.  After getting to know each artist on a personal level, I wanted to create a vehicle to give them regular coverage on Hard Rock Daddy.  Learning about their personal journeys will give readers a greater appreciation of the sacrifices that it takes to succeed in music today.”

The eight featured artists for “My Rock and Roll Journey” are:

Tony Housh – Seasons After

Joey “Chicago” Walser – Devour The Day

Michael Del Pizzo – Sunflower Dead

Shaun Soho – Crash Midnight

Sal Costa – Smashing Satellites

Tony LaSelva – Ugly Melon

Adam Troy – Sonic X

Nathan Colucci – The BallRoom Babies


“My Rock and Roll Journey” debuts on Hard Rock Daddy on Sunday, August 14, 2016 with the first entry from Tony Housh of Seasons After.



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