Hard Rock Daddy Officially Launches

(New York, March 1, 2013) — In 1986, they pumped their fists and sang Judas Priest’s anthemic, anti-establishment chorus in unison… “We don’t need no, no, no, no parental guidance here!”  They were the youth gone wild who would rock and roll all night and party every day.  But time has a way of catching up with us all.  The kids who grew up banging their heads to 80’s metal are no longer kickin’ ass on the wild side.  Most of them are content to spend their nights with their own kids in the place that they simply call…“Home Sweet Home.”

There is a seemingly endless supply of music blogs online, and the hard rock and metal genres are well represented.  Parenting blogs are also plentiful, although most are not written from the dad’s point of view.  HardRockDaddy.com was created by music industry veteran, Adam Waldman, to establish a one-of-a-kind community that fills a void in the marketplace.

“Hard rock music has always been the soundtrack to my life, even as I grew up and had kids of my own,” stated Waldman.  “My kids are rock and roll children.  Both of them have been listening to hard rock music since they were in the womb.  Maybe that’s why our home life is much more similar to The Osbournes than it is to Ozzie and Harriet.”

HardRockDaddy.com combines hard rock music with entertaining parenting stories from a modern- day dad.  According to Waldman, HardRockDaddy.com is taking a different approach than many other music blogs.

“There will be absolutely no negative reviews!  My goal is to expose other hard rock parents and their rock and roll children to the best music that the genre has to offer (albums, artists, concerts/festivals, DVD’s, books, etc.).  There is too much great music out there to waste time with negativity.”

In addition to the blog, Waldman is also leveraging the HardRockDaddy brand through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google +), Tumblr and with a dedicated YouTube channel called HardRockDaddyNetwork.

For more information, please contact:

Adam Waldman




www.HardRockDaddyNetwork.com – YouTube Channel

http://www.facebook.com/HardRockDaddy – Facebook

https://twitter.com/HardRockDaddy – Twitter

www.HardRockDaddy.tumblr.com – Tumblr

Hard Rock Daddy – Google +

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