No April Fool’s Joke – Read in 48 Countries

(New York – April 1, 2013) – A month ago today, was officially launched by music industry veteran Adam Waldman.  Prior to the launch, Waldman had built a large international following on – a blog focused on life, music, sports, television and movies.  His decision to launch arose from a desire to fill a void in the marketplace with a unique concept that would cater to a worldwide audience.

“Hard rock music transcends language barriers and cultural differences.  The strong bond that fans of the genre around the world share creates a global subculture,” stated Waldman.  “I learned a lot about the international hard rock audience when I spearheaded a very successful Hard Rock/Metal special while working at Billboard Magazine in the 90’s.  When I started writing hard rock articles on Waldo’s Life, fans from all over the world started reading the blog.”

Waldman knew that would eventually build an international audience, but even he is surprised that it is already being read in 48 countries one month after the official launch.  He credits the power of social media and consistency for the instant success of

“Consistent, relevant content is rewarded by search engines nowadays more than articles that are written strictly for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes. is already being found on the first page of Google for some key search terms, and featured articles have been given a big boost through social media,” says Waldman. “A number of featured artists have shared the articles with their Facebook and Twitter followers, while others have posted the articles directly to their official websites.”

Thousands of readers representing 48 countries is only the beginning for  Waldman expects the readership to continue to grow exponentially, given the fact that Waldo’s Life is read in over 150 countries around the world.  In addition to the current weekly features, will be expanding its content to include band interviews, concert reviews, hard rock music trends and an in-depth look at how independent artists are building careers without the backing of a record label.

For more information, please contact:

Adam Waldman

347-504-0313 – YouTube Channel – Facebook – Twitter – Tumblr

Hard Rock Daddy – Google +

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