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Music Discovery Monday – 1/30/17


Music Discovery Monday – 1/30/17

Music Discovery Monday shines a light on artists that are not getting the radio attention that they deserve, while also showcasing new singles by established bands that are likely to get airplay in the future.

In addition to appearing on the embedded YouTube playlist below, all songs featured on Music Discovery Monday can be listened to individually by clicking on the hyper-linked song titles above each review.



 ADAM WALDMAN – (Publisher, Hard Rock Daddy)

BLACK STAR RIDERS – “When The Night Comes In”

It has never been more challenging than the present day to make a living in a rock and roll band.  That doesn’t mean that “rock is dead,” as many are quick to proclaim.  It just means that there is so much great music out there, and a limited amount of dollars to go around.  The one advantage that longstanding artists have over up-and-comers is name recognition and history.

Black Star Riders come from the DNA of legendary Irish rockers, Thin Lizzy, in particular guitarist Scott Gorham (who was in the band with Phil Lynott).  Numerous bands have stayed the course with a revolving door of lineup changes (especially singers), but to their credit, Black Star Riders wanted to blaze their own trail.  Even though their sound is similar to Thin Lizzy with Ricky Warwick’s vocals, they chose to honor Lynott by continuing on under a new moniker.

If you’re a Thin Lizzy fan, you will also be a Black Star Riders fan.  However, if you are too young to fully appreciate the brilliance of Thin Lizzy, you will have a second bite at the apple with Black Star Riders.  The timeless quality to all of their music (including their latest single, “When The Night Comes In”) would have made them just as relevant throughout the past four decades as they are today.  As the saying goes…”it doesn’t have to be old to be classic.”




With the exception of AC/DC’s “It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock And Roll),” bagpipes in the rock genre are far from commonplace.  Of course, if you’re familiar with Boston’s Dropkick Murphys, you already know that bagpipes most certainly have their place in rock and roll.

What started out as a bunch of friends looking to play music for fun in the basement of a barber shop has evolved into a band with staying power.  Formed in 1996, Dropkick Murphys have just released 11 Short Stories Of Pain & Glory (the tenth studio album of their career).

If ever there was a band of the people, Dropkick Murphys are it.  They state as much in their bio…

“The band’s main goal is to play music that creates an all for one, one for all environment where everyone is encouraged to participate, sing along, and hopefully have a good time.  In the true spirit of punk rock, we view the band and the audience as one in the same.  In other words, our stage and our microphone are yours.”

Because of the bagpipes and Irish influence of this Celtic-American punk rock band, there was a temptation to feature the band’s latest single (“Blood”) closer to St. Patrick’s Day, but the song is too good to wait on.  The more you play this one, the more it gets your “blood” pumping!




WITHERFALL – “Nobody Sleeps Here”

What do you get when you sum up the talents of musicians from bands such as Iced Earth, White Wizzard and Into Eternity?  You get a masterpiece of a band called Witherfall.  A combination of power and progressive metal (I tend to lean more towards the progressive side), “Nobody Sleeps Here” comes from the band’s new album, Nocturnes and Requiems.  This album was a long time in the making.  While originally recorded in 2014, Adam Sagan unfortunately passed away during the final mixing of this album.  If the rest of the album is as dynamic and powerful as this song, it should be a great release.


EQUILIBRIUM – “Rise Again”

This folk/progressive metal band from Germany has released their fifth album, Armageddon.  Like the title, the subject matter on this album is dark and nihilistic, singing about the plight of the earth, the evils of mankind and how we are all to blame for the destruction of life.  The music is heavy and fast with death metal growls.  Couple that with the lyrical content, Equilibrium makes for one hell of a metal album.




PLACE VENDOME – “Light Before The Dark”

Place Vendome united ex-Helloween frontman Michael Kiske with musicians from Pink Cream 69 and Vandenplas, to perform melodic rock crafted specially for Kiske by various songwriters in the field. The collaboration was a great success that has seen the band put out a new album every four years. They are right on schedule to release their fourth album, Close To The Sun, late next month.


XANDRIA – “Call Of Destiny”

They went through six singers in six albums, but Xandria may finally have settled on Dianne van Giersbergen as their vocalist.  She becomes the Dutch/German symphonic metal band’s first singer to last for more than one album, as she fronts the band on their just-released seventh album, Theater Of Dimensions.



To be considered for Music Discovery Monday, please e-mail a link to the song being submitted on YouTube and an artist bio to –

Music Discovery Monday – 12/28/15

Music Discovery Monday - Gus G.

Hard Rock Daddy presents Music Discovery Monday – 12/28/15.

Each week, the HRD team shares songs that fly below radio’s radar, ranging from lesser-known artists to deeper cuts from both up-and-coming and established artists.

In addition to exposing the Hard Rock Daddy audience to new music that isn’t getting the attention that it deserves from radio, Music Discovery Monday also features a segment called “Hard Rock Music Time Machine,” which showcases older songs (from the ’70s to today) that hard rock music fans may have missed at the time of release.

In addition to appearing on the embedded YouTube playlists beneath each section, all songs featured on Music Discovery Monday can be listened to by clicking on the hyper-linked song titles.



 ADAM WALDMAN – (Publisher, Hard Rock Daddy)

GUS G. – “Brand New Revolution”

Gus G. became well-known in the same manner as many before him, as the guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne.  Although he has name recognition, his 2015 solo release has still flown largely under the radar, which is a shame, because it is better than much of what is getting radio attention these days.  “Brand New Revolution,” the title track off of Gus G.’s latest album, combines the raw, aggressive riffs that fit perfectly with Ozzy’s solo material, and dials it up a notch with the help of the soaring vocals of Jacob Bunton (Adler, Lynam).  Everything is big – the riffs, the vocals, the hook, the melody, the heavy bottom, and of course, the shredding guitar work.  It all comes together in spectacular fashion to produce a killer heavy metal song that doesn’t get nearly the attention that it deserves.


BLACK STAR RIDERS – “The Killer Instinct”

In 2012, Black Star Riders arose from the ashes of Thin Lizzy.  Well…sort of.  While the band is comprised of members of Thin Lizzy, the decision was made to record new material under a different moniker out of respect to the departed Phil Lynott and the legacy that he left behind.  Although this band won’t release new material as Thin Lizzy or do extended tours, they will still play some dates under their old moniker.  Diehard Thin Lizzy fans may be able to detect the difference between the two bands, but the casual fan certainly cannot.  Lynott may be gone, but you would think that he was reincarnated in the body of Ricky Warwick, whose vocal delivery is almost indecipherable from the legend that he replaced.  That being said, Black Star Riders have accomplished an impressive feat with “The Killer Instinct”…creating new music that is as relevant today as it would have been at any point over the past four decades.  If you’re a fan of Thin Lizzy’s music, it’s impossible not to also be a fan of Black Star Riders.





RED SUN RISING – “Emotionless”

The breakout act of 2015 will look to capitalize on their momentum as the new year begins, with their second single officially hitting radio in mid-January.  The song takes nearly half its length to really kick into high gear, but once it does, it delivers quite well.  That should be more than enough to keep the band riding high well into 2016.


ADELITAS WAY – “Bad Reputation”

This Las Vegas-based band will begin their second decade together with an earworm single that’s already getting early support from SiriusXM’s Octane.  It’s a promising introduction to the forthcoming album, Getaway, due to hit the streets in early 2016.





OVERWIND – “Stop The Time”

Overwind produces modern power metal with some progressive and thrash influences.  Out of Russia, the band has recruited some big names for guest appearances on their debut album, Level Complete. Among the guests are: Peter “Peavy” Wagner (Rage, Refuge), Tim “Ripper” Owens (Judas Priest, Yngwie Malmsteen), Victor Smolski (Rage, Mind Odyssey) and Marco Sfogli (James LaBrie, Alex Argento). Between the band and their guests, there is a ton of talent on display here.


TERAMAZE – “Out Of Subconscious”

Teramaze is a progressive metal quartet out of Australia.  They chose the name Terrormaze originally, but then became more religious and settled on this variation of it. The songs from their latest album are complex (as progressive music often is), but filled with melody and hooks that make it very accessible.





REVOLUTION SAINTS – “Strangers To This Life”

Revolution Saints is the supergroup trio of Jack Blades (Damn Yankees, Night Ranger), Deen Castronovo (Ozzy, Journey, Hardline) and Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake, Dio, Burning Rain).  You get polished, skilled, melodic hard rock with more of an edge (thanks to Aldrich’s gritty metal guitar riffs and licks).  Castronovo sets the pace with plenty of energy on drums, and lends his voice to this track as well, plus great bass work from Jack Blades.


RED CIRCUIT – “Digging In The Dirt”

Germany’s Red Circuit delivers a great, alternative interpretation of Peter Gabriel’s original song from 1992.  The rhythm section supercharges the track with plenty of force, and really makes the song work.  Chity Somapala’s vocals are well-matched to the powerful strut created by Thomas Schmitt (bass) and Michael Stein (drums).



To be considered for Music Discovery Monday, please e-mail a link to the song being submitted on YouTube and an artist bio to –





STEREOSIDE – “So Long” (2007)

It’s been over five years since the last Stereoside album was released.  Since 2010’s eponymous album, the band has only released two singles (in 2011 & 2012).  Last month, the band posted a message stating that a new record was “in the can,” and alluded to a tour in 2016.  Not much other information is available.  Hopefully, Stereoside will return in full force.  Until then, check out “So Long,” an incredibly melodic tune that turned me on to the band initially.  Highlighted by Jeff Shields’ soulful vocals (with a hint of southern rock), infectious harmonies and a huge hook, this song proves that the band has the makings of a radio behemoth (if given the opportunity).


FIREHOUSE – “All She Wrote” (1990)

Firehouse debuted during the tail end of the hair band heyday and made an immediate impact.  Despite the ensuing grunge movement, the band still managed to beat out Nirvana and Alice In Chains for “Favorite Heavy Metal/Hard Rock New Artist” at the 1992 American Music Awards.  Though their huge popularity in America was short-lived, Firehouse has remained extremely popular overseas (particularly in Japan).  Three of the four original members are still together to this day, which is no small feat given their limited peak in America.  “All She Wrote” is one of five singles off of the band’s eponymous debut album.  If you are a fan of big, melodic choruses, “All She Wrote” will be right in your wheelhouse.  It seems a fitting conclusion to make “All She Wrote” my final Music Discovery Monday pick of 2015.

To the Hard Rock Daddy readers around the world, I offer you my sincere appreciation for your continued support, and wish you all a Happy New Year!  We’re looking forward to 2016 and the introduction of more new features in the year ahead.





BLACK OXYGEN  “Take It To The Limit” (2012)

It’s a long way from Kansas City to Los Angeles, but that’s the path that brothers David and Nick Lyle have followed, en route to carving out a diverse catalog over the past five years.  They’ve worked with rap artists and released a power ballad or two, but my own favorite flavor of the band might be the more straight ahead rock/active rock sound that was featured on the first song that I heard from them several years back.


BLACK WATER RISING – “Brother Go On” (2013)

This Brooklyn, NY band recently mentioned that new music is coming in 2016, so it seems like a good time to take a look back at the first single from their debut album.  That album, Pissed and Drivenmissed my year-end Top 25 Albums list by a very narrow margin, so I’ll certainly be looking forward to hearing from them again next year.





PUSSY SISSTER – “Melody Of Pain” (2010)

The name of this German hard rock band may throw you, but as soon as you start listening to their music, you will get past it.  Here, they’ve put together a haunting ballad that will stay with you long after the song ends.


MANIC STREET PREACHERS – “Suicide Is Painless”  (1992)

These Welsh rockers’ cover of the theme from MASH (in the early ‘90s) was nothing short of brilliant.  They ease in gently with the familiar melody, and gradually build it into a tour de force of musicianship and melody.





ENDS WITH A BULLET – “I’m Alive” (2013)

Ends With A Bullet features an interesting mix of vocal growls, metal progressions and melodic choruses.  Although I’m not usually a fan of guttural growls, I find that this combination of styles fits the song’s theme of coming back from a dark painful edge, and then coming alive with a bright refrain.  “I’m Alive” is from the band’s 2013 debut EP.


AVENGED SEVENFOLD – “Afterlife” (2007)

A7X tells a great story on ”Afterlife,” offering a glimpse of what lies beyond.  Terrific rhythms and changes-of-pace throughout, “Afterlife” is dynamic and full of energy.  Another complete track from these California metalheads off of their eponymous 4th studio album.


That Metal Show – Season 14, Episode 9: Kirk Hammett, Michael Schenker, Damon Johnson

That Metal Show - Kirk Hammett, Michael Schenker

MUSICAL GUEST – Damon Johnson (Black Star Riders, Thin Lizzy)

Eddie raved about the new Black Star Riders album, The Killer Instinct.  He told Damon that it is an early candidate for album of the year.  Black Star Riders has done shows recently in Europe, and in America, they have played with the band Europe.  He has also done some solo gigs recently.



TMS TOP 5 – Schenker Era UFO Songs

  1. “Rock Bottom”
  2. “Lights Out”
  3. “Love To Love”
  4. “Too Hot To Handle”
  5. “Mother Mary”

TMS Fans

  1. “Rock Bottom”
  2. “Lights Out”
  3. “Doctor Doctor”
  4. “Love To Love”
  5. “Only You Can Rock Me”


GUESTS – Kirk Hammett (Metallica), Michael Schenker (Michael Schenker’s Temple Of Rock, Scorpions, UFO, MSG)


The interview segment of TMS is always interesting, this week especially.  With the success that Metallica has enjoyed throughout their career, the expectation when tuning in was that Kirk Hammett would be the higher profile guest being interviewed.  It turned out that he was on TMS more because of his fandom of Michael Schenker than to talk about what Metallica has been up to recently.

The interview began with Hammett asking Schenker about the inspiration behind the writing of all of his great riffs.

Schenker:  “It started with a fascination about what can be done with a single string” (starting when he was 9-yrs old).

Schenker went on to say that there have been three phases to his career…

PHASE 1 – Unconsciously Discovering:  During this phase, which went all the way to the Scorpions Love Drive album, he said that he didn’t really know what he was doing.

PHASE 2 – Developing on a Personal Level

PHASE 3 – Consciously Enjoying his Development

Hammett was in awe of Schenker being self-taught.  He taught himself Rudolf’s guitar when his older brother went to work.  Rudolf ended up asking Michael to give him guitar lessons, and eventually, he went on to take over for Michael in the Scorpions.

Schenker called his approach “play and discover” and said that the last note that he plays inspires him to play the next note.  Schenker surprisingly revealed that he hasn’t really listened to anyone else’s music in the last 43 years (since he was 16), although he said that he does like “Unforgiven” by Metallica.  His reasoning is that consuming other music takes energy, and he wants to use his energy to create his own music (pure self-expression).

Schenker talked about his early influences – Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton (up to a certain point), Leslie West, Rory Gallagher, Johnny Winter…(all the late 60s music).

With his current band (Michael Schenker’s Temple Of Rock), he is doing a whole retrospective of his career, and enjoying every minute of it.  The band’s latest album Spirit On A Mission features Herman Rarebell (drums) and Francis Buchholz (bass) – the original rhythm section of the Scorpions.  The last Scorpions album that they all played on together was Lovedrive.



Kirk Hammett and Michael Schenker Performance

These two guitar legends took to the main stage area together.  As successful as Hammett’s career has been, you can tell that he was thrilled to be playing with a guitarist that he idolizes (something that Eddie pointed out when they returned to their seats).

Hammett exclaimed…“I just had the greatest guitar lesson!  I’ve been waiting to do this since I was 15-yrs old.  It’s like being on an episode of Fantasy Island!”

When asked by Don if any of his solos were inspired by Michael Schenker, Kirk responded…“every one!”  He went on to state…“this is how deep the inspiration goes…when I’m doing something, I think ‘what would Michael do?”

A very humble Schenker said that he never expected to become famous, much less be so influential to other guitarists.  He didn’t know that he had an impact on bands like GNR and Metallica until the early 90s.



Hammett talked about the next Metallica album.  He said that it’s still in the embryonic stages, but that it should be out sometime in 2016.  He also said that it is similar to their last album, Death Magnetic.



PUT IT ON THE TABLE – Kirk and Michael

If you could be in any other band, what band would it be?

Kirk – UFO, rhythm guitar for Michael

Michael – Led Zeppelin


What is the one song that you wish that you wrote?

Kirk“Diary Of A Madman” by Ozzy Osbourne.  He talked about all of the jazz influences that Randy Rhodes incorporated into the song, and said that it was a testament to the brilliance of his songwriting.

Michael“Immigrant Song” by Led Zeppelin


What is the best concert that you’ve ever attended?

Kirk – Day On The Green in 1978.  He said the concert, which featured legendary bands in the following order – AC/DC, Van Halen, Pat Travers, Foreigner, Aerosmith – changed his life.

Michael – From ages 14-16, he just went to see as many festivals as possible as he sought out great guitarists.


What is the first rock or metal song that you learned?

Kirk“Purple Haze” by Jimi Hendrix

Michael“Hippy, Hippy Shake” by Swinging Blue Jeans


What is the weirdest rumor that you’ve ever heard about yourself?

Kirk“That I’m not me.  Some guy came up to me and said that I looked just like Kirk Hammett.  When I said that I was him, the guy said that I wasn’t because Kirk Hammett is way taller.”

Michael“That I joined the Moonies.”



RANK – Metallica Albums (by Kirk)

  1. Master Of Puppets
  2. Black
  3. Ride The Lightning
  4. And Justice For All
  5. Death Magnetic
  6. Kill ‘Em All
  7. Reload
  8. Anger
  9. Load



Eddie – Raven – Extermination

Don – Raging Slab

Jim – Tank – Power Of The Hunter


THROWDOWN – UFO’s “Strangers In The Night” vs. Thin Lizzy “Live And Dangerous”

Damon – Thin Lizzy

Kirk – UFO

Michael – UFO

Eddie – UFO

Jim – Thin Lizzy

Don – Thin Lizzy



That Metal Show – Season 14, Episode 1: Geddy Lee, John Petrucci

That Metal Show – Season 14, Episode 2: Scott Ian, Charlie Benante, Frank Bello, Alex Skolnick

That Metal Show – Season 14, Episode 3: Dave Lombardo, John 5

That Metal Show – Season 14, Episode 4: Marky Ramone, Darryl McDaniels, Gary Holt, Joel Hoekstra

That Metal Show – Season 14, Episode 5: Jamey Jasta, John Bush, Joey Vera, Jason Becker, Michael Angelo Batio

That Metal Show – Season 14, Episode 6: Mark Tremonti, Taylor Momsen, Frank Hannon, Jay Jay French, Mark “The Animal” Mendoza, Eddie Ojeda

That Metal Show – Season 14, Episode 7: Chris Jericho, Max Cavalera, Billy Corgan, Rich Ward

That Metal Show – Season 14, Episode 8: Kerry King, Lzzy Hale, Zakk Wylde

Hard Rock Daddy Visits That Metal Show


Billboard Top 15 Hard Rock Albums – 3/14/15

Billboard Top 15 Hard Rock Albums

Billboard Hard Rock Albums Chart for the week ending 3/14/15.  Top 15 albums ranked by sales data and compiled by Nielsen SoundScan. ***Click on the hyperlinked titles to read full album reviews***


      1. RED – Of Beauty And Rage
      2. FALLING IN REVERSE – Just Like You
      3. ALL THAT REMAINS – The Order Of Things
      5. OF MICE & MEN – Restoring Force
      6. AC/DC – Rock Or Bust
      7. NICKELBACK – No Fixed Address
      8. TORCHE – Restarter
      9. ROB ZOMBIE – Spookshow International: Live
      10. MARILYN MANSON – The Pale Emporer
      11. REVOLUTION SAINTS – Revolution Saints
      12. OCEANS ATE ALASKA – Lost Isles
      13. LIKE A STORM – Awaken The Fire
      14. SLIPKNOT – .5: The Gray Chapter
      15. BLACK STAR RIDERS – Killer Instinct


Top 100 Hard Rock Songs of 2014

Billboard Top 50 Hard Rock Albums of 2014

All That Remains – “This Probably Won’t End Well”: Hard Rock Daddy Review

Revolution Saints – “Turning Back Time On Their Way To The Sun”

Like A Storm – “Wish You Hell”: Hard Rock Daddy Review

Billboard Top 50 Hard Rock Albums of 2013

Billboard Top 15 Hard Rock Albums Archives

Music Discovery Monday – 12/1/14

Hard Rock Daddy Music Discovery Monday

Hard Rock Daddy presents Music Discovery Monday – 12/1/14.

Each week, the HRD team shares songs that fly below radio’s radar, ranging from lesser-known artists to deeper cuts from up-and-coming and established artists.

In addition to exposing the Hard Rock Daddy audience to new music that isn’t getting the attention that it deserves from radio, Music Discovery Monday also features a segment called “Hard Rock Music Time Machine,” which showcases older songs (from the 70s to today) that hard rock music fans may have missed the first time around.

All of the songs featured on Music Discovery Monday can be heard on the embedded YouTube playlists beneath each section.

This week, Music Discovery Monday features an interview with Paul Fernandez of British newcomers, Us Amongst The Rest.


**Click on any hyperlinked song titles to read extended Hard Rock Daddy reviews.**


ADAM WALDMAN – (Publisher, Hard Rock Daddy)

US AMONGST THE REST – “Fields Of Fray”

Shortly after the debut of Music Discovery Monday, Hard Rock Daddy received this submission directly from Paul Fernandez, drummer of Us Amongst The Rest.  The video for “Fields Of Fray” just debuted this past Friday.  Fans of Asking Alexandria and The Family Ruin will be instant fans of these fellow UK hard rockers.  This is definitely a band to keep on your radar, as they are “amongst” the outstanding next wave of British hard rock acts.


In our recent discussion, Paul Fernandez shared how the band discovered this new feature, the meaning behind “Fields Of Fray,” and how the band came together…

“The Family Ruin are good friends of ours from the York (United Kingdom) scene.  We were glad to see them finally receiving the recognition that they deserve, when they were featured on Music Discovery Monday.  God knows, they have worked for it!  We have grown to love the band as peers and friends, and go back a long way.  One of my first live gigs as an audience member was seeing Johnny and Langley’s old band, Lynchpin.  Amazing days!

We have all been in bands, playing the circuit extensively, since we were around 15-16yrs old.  Us Amongst The Rest formed in 2012.  I suppose that you could say that we ‘discovered’ music at a very early age by listening to our mum and dad’s favorite bands.  I grew up listening to The Beatles, ZZ Top and Elvis Presley (which is quite an eclectic mix). 

As far as ‘Fields Of Fray’ is concerned, the video was just released within the last week.  The song is about being in a violent relationship, and wanting to break away from it, but finding it hard to do so.”


BLACK STAR RIDERS – “Bound For Glory”

Described as “the next step in the evolution of the Thin Lizzy story,” Black Star Riders was created by the members of Thin Lizzy to record new music.  Out of respect to legendary vocalist, Phil Lynott, and the legacy that he created, the band decided not to record new music under the Thin Lizzy moniker.  Given the value of the Thin Lizzy name, and the fact that Irishman, Ricky Warwick, bears an eerie vocal resemblance to Lynott, choosing this path was a noble one.  If you didn’t know any better, you would swear that Lynott was reincarnated to record the band’s first album, All Hell Breaks Loose, which features the classic Thin Lizzy sound on “Bound For Glory.”  The band’s follow-up album, The Killer Instinct, will be released in 2015.  If you like Thin Lizzy, don’t miss Black Star Riders!





Out of the Sunshine State of Florida comes a shining example of a hard rock song that was worthy of being a genuine hit, but just didn’t seem to catch the break that it needed.   Vocalist Jeff Shields (ex-Stereoside) stands out here, with a performance that harkens back to the strong singers of 80s melodic rock; his new bandmates match him, and provide the heavy end of one of the better debut efforts in recent years.


ALTITUDES & ATTITUDE – “Booze & Cigarettes”

When two members of “The Big Four” join forces, something interesting is almost bound to happen, so it was somewhat surprising that the collaboration of Megadeth bassist, Dave Ellefson, and Anthrax bassist, Frankie Bello, didn’t draw a relatively bright spotlight.  Bello’s vocals, and work on lead guitar, give this a more hard rock than metal feel, but it’s a bit of grimy goodness that deserved more attention.




VANISHING POINT – “Let The River Run”

“Let The River Run” starts with an a cappella intro, with the haunting vocals of Silvio Massaro, before guitars and keyboards join in for a progressive metal piece rich with feeling and yearning. From Australian power metal band Vanishing Point’s fifth album, Distant Is The Sun, this track stands out on an album loaded with amazing music and deep lyrics.


HEAVEN AND EARTH – “I Don’t Know What Love Is Anymore”

One of the best ballads of 2013, “I Don’t Know What Love Is Anymore” drips with emotion as it builds to breathtaking vocal harmonies, all the while showcasing the guitar of Ritchie Blackmore protégé, Stuart Smith. Heaven And Earth’s entire album, Dig, is recommended, but this standout track is not to be missed!  (see Hard Rock Daddy Album Review)


TOM KEIFER – “Cold Day In Hell”

“Cold Day in Hell” launches with an addictive riff that will draw you right into this anti-love song filled with hooks and attitude. From Tom Keifer’s 2013 solo album, The Way Life Goes, this song is the most reminiscent of his days with 80s rock giant, Cinderella, and is sure to have your head nodding and your toes tapping. (see Hard Rock Daddy Album Review)




POP EVIL – “Behind Closed Doors”

Pop Evil is not an underrated band, but this album cut off of Onyx is a personal favorite.  “Behind Closed Doors” is a calm-before-the-storm track that delivers plenty of passion. Leigh Kakaty’s vocals are the highlight of this great, dynamic tune that combines driving metal with head-banging grungy overtones.


ELYSION – “Someplace Better”

Some solid, straight-forward, alternative metal here from the Greek band, Elysion.  Their lead singer, Christianna, grabs your attention with her Lzzy Hale-like delivery.  “Someplace Better” features a hard sound that isn’t at all muddled, which can be challenging at times in this genre.


DEVICE (featuring LZZY HALE) – “Close My Eyes Forever”

Originally performed by Ozzy Osbourne and Lita Ford, “Close My Eyes Forever” is reborn, as it is infused with elements of Disturbed, Filter and Halestorm.  The end-result is a worthy cover that breathes some different life into a great song.  David Draiman (Disturbed) and Lzzy Hale pair well together.  This live version of this song is every bit as good as the studio recording.





MILLION DOLLAR RELOAD – “Bullets In The Sky” (2012)

These Irish rockers were featured on Hard Rock Daddy a few weeks after the site launched (on St. Patrick’s Day) with “Bullets In The Sky.”  The band is currently working on their new album (slated for a 2015 release).  In a recent discussion with their fans on Facebook, someone asked why they don’t get the radio play that they deserve.  The simple answer was that they don’t have the budget for radio pluggers that other bands have.  This is exactly why Music Discovery Monday was launched, to put great bands like Million Dollar Reload on equal footing with big-budget bands.  If you are a fan of bands like AC/DC, Jackyl, Lynch Mob and the like, you will love this track, which is cut from the same cloth as the songs that made the 80s the greatest decade ever for hard rock.


THUNDER – “Love Walked In” (1990)

Keeping with the European picks this week, is a classic power ballad by British rockers, Thunder.  The band is another in a long line of bands who probably would have been a lot bigger if they had launched five years earlier, comfortably buffered from the grunge revolution.  “Love Walked In” is everything that you want in a power ballad, a beautiful guitar picking intro building into a huge, melodic chorus.  Though vastly underrated, the band is about to release their 10th album, Wonder Days, in February of 2015.  This will be their first release since 2008.  The new album was recorded without guitarist, Ben Matthews, who has been battling cancer, but will be returning to the band.




HELL IN THE CLUB – “Rock Down This Place” (2011)

The sleazy side of rock n’ roll still lives and breathes in Europe, and the debut album from these Italian rockers is among the sleaziest things I’ve heard in years … and I mean that as a compliment.  The combination of NSFW (not safe for work) lyrics, and a video filmed in a strip club, only heightens the pleasure of “Rock Down This Place,” a song that brings to mind bands like Faster Pussycat, L.A. Guns and other sleaze rock mainstays.




LABYRINTH – “Malcolm Grey” (2005)

From their 2005 album, Freeman, “Malcolm Grey” is an ambitious track from Italian power metal band, Labyrinth. They lean progressive here, with a haunting piano line, and it adds the kind of depth to the music that you might hope for in a song about a murderer, horrified to discover that he craves doing it again.


LORDI – “Hard Rock Hallelujah” (2006)

They dress on stage like “GWAR-style” monsters, but Lordi has some crazy catchy music.  “Hard Rock Hallelujah” from their 2006 album, The Arockalypse, just might be the catchiest of them all. The only Finnish entry ever to win the annual Eurovision Song Contest, this song features screaming vocals, pounding instruments and pure fun!



MAJESTIC – “I’ll Shoot The Moon” (2001)

Speeding metal, with great percussion and vocals by Apollo Papathanasio (Firewind).  Precision guitar playing, impressive tempo changes and fast, articulated riffs highlight “I’ll Shoot The Moon.”  Sadly, Majestic only made two albums together, but their members have gone on to germinate other projects and groups.


KOTIPELTO – “Reasons” (2004)

Timo Kotipelto keeps himself busy when he’s not fronting Stratovarius.  From his 2004 album, Coldness, “Reasons” offers quality melodic power metal with his usual polished vocals and fine production value.



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That Metal Show: Season 12 Finale


That Metal Show (Season 12 Finale)

The following is a recap of this week’s show…




Buck Dharma (Blue Oyster Cult)

Blue Oyster Cult still does 70-80 shows each year.  The band has a new box set called The Complete Columbia Albums Collection, which features 16 CDs and a DVD.  It includes a CD of rarities, a live album and codes to download a number of concerts.  The band, originally called Soft White Underbelly, was influenced by the psychedelic scene in California.  When they became Blue Oyster Cult, they adopted a heavier sound.  Dharma discussed the famous 1981 Black & Blue Tour (a co-headlining tour with Blue Oyster Cult and Black Sabbath featuring Ronnie James Dio). Dharma revealed that the decision of which band would headline on any given night was determined by the band that had the bigger following in the city in which the concert took place.  Blue Oyster Cult is going to be doing an acoustic album of their songs, and possibly touring to support it.


Steve Whiteman, Brian Forsythe (KIX)

The Kix reunion started as a handful of regional shows, but eventually became something big.  The band never thought that they broke big enough to warrant a reunion, but the audience loved them at Rocklahoma.  Whiteman discussed the band’s early videos and said that they were “God-awful” and “sucked.”  He also said that the label sucked also for encouraging them to do it.  The band members are all involved in various projects, so there is no set timetable for recording a new album, but it is something that is being discussed.  The band’s latest album/DVD is called Live in Baltimore, which Whiteman said was shot by his mom.  They are enjoying playing more nowadays than they did back in the 80’s because the pressure is gone.




If you could play in any other band…

BD – Grateful Dead

SW – The Archies

BF – Rolling Stones


Song you wish you wrote…

BD“Boys Of Summer” – Don Henley

SW“Bohemian Rhapsody” – Queen

BF“Tumblin’ Dice” – Rolling Stones


Your one vice…

BD – Single Malt Scotch

SW – Farting

BF – Cookies


Best concert ever attended

BD – Jimi Hendrix & The Experience at Stony Brook University in 1968.

SW – A band called “fun” with his kids at the 930 club in DC.

BF – Steve Miller Band in 1974.


First album ever purchased with your own money…

BD“Walk, Don’t Run” – The Ventures

SW“Meet The Beatles” – The Beatles

BF“Eat A Peach” – The Allman Brothers


First rock or metal song you learned to play…

BD“Pipeline” – The Chantays

SW“Rock and Roll All Night” – KISS

BF“Smoke On The Water” – Deep Purple


Weirdest rumor about you…

KIX – That we’re gay lovers

BD – That we’re satanists


Favorite new band…

BD – Foster The People

SW – Halestorm (Lzzy Hale was a student of his)

BF – The Black Keys



METAL MODEM:  Joe Satriani

His new album “Unstoppable Momentum” has a lot of energy and crazy arrangements.  He’s using a new band this time around.  Neil Schon playing with Chickenfoot while Satriani is unavailable.  Schon was the original member of Planet Us, which eventually became Chickenfoot (who will be recording and do a full tour next year).



TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT:  The viability of CD’s in current times.

Eddie Trunk – Take it.  “I love it.  It’s still my favorite format of music.”

Jim Florentine – Take it.  He thinks they’ll be around for a while, but admits that they are becoming increasingly difficult to find.

Don Jamieson – Take it.  “There’s enough old bastards like us that like the physical product.”



THE RANT:  Eddie Trunk on 80’s Hard Rock being called “Hair Bands”

Hardly any band from the MTV era wants to be called a hair band because of its derogatory implication, though the people who are using it today mean it as a compliment.  Hair band is a term that thrash bands, grunge bands and journalists came up with to disparage this type of music as style over substance when Nirvana burst onto the scene.  It is the only genre ever described for its fashion rather than its sound.

“Let’s not use the term that was coined by detractors to diminish what these talented bands had to offer.  How about celebrating these bands by simply calling them – 80’s hard rock?”



ORIGINS:  Eddie Trunk

Born in Summit, NJ in 1964.  First song he loved on the radio was “Go All The Way” by The Raspberries.  He was about 12 years old when he got KISS “Destroyer.”  From that point on, his whole life was about KISS.  His entire room was covered in KISS posters.  Trunk eventually started getting into other bands.  Three favorite bands of all-time are:  KISS, Aerosmith and Black Sabbath.  He got a job working for Megaforce Records as a result of being the only one on radio giving support to Metallica and Anthrax when they first came on the scene.




Eddie – Black Star Riders “All Hell Breaks Loose” (Former members of Thin Lizzy with a new singer)

Jim –  Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats “Mind Control” (From England…if early 70’s Black Sabbath was a garage band)

Don – A Pale Horse Named Death “Lay My Soul To Waste” (a cross between Type-O Negative and Alice In Chains).


That Metal Show: Season 12- Episode 7 (Scott Gorham / Ricky Warwick & Neil Fallon)


That Metal Show (Season 12, Episode 7 featuring Scott Gorham/ Ricky Warwick and Neil Fallon)

The following is a recap of this week’s show…




Scott Gorham / Ricky Warwick – Black Star Riders

The writing of the Black Star Riders began as a new Thin Lizzy album, but the idea of recording without Phil Lynott didn’t feel right.  Out of respect to Phil, they decided to change the name to preserve the legacy.  Ricky grew up in Belfast, and Thin Lizzy provided the soundtrack to his life.  He was relieved when they decided to change the name.  Live shows will feature new material from Black Star Riders and Thin Lizzy as well.  Debut album from the band is called “All Hell Breaks Loose.”

Neil Fallon – Clutch

Clutch toured with Thin Lizzy recently.  New album “Earth Rocker” has had commercial success, something that provided a bit of vindication considering that it was put out on the band’s own record label.  The band originally went to major labels for tour support.  Fallon says that file sharing was one of the best things to happen to the band because it helped them to create an international audience without having a huge hit that defines them.  The fanbase is very loyal, and loves the band, not just a song.  The album was done with a lot of pre-production with the members not seeing each other in the studio.  “Earth Rocker” is a throwback to the old days, and was put together as a “Side A” and “Side B.”



If you could play in any other band…

SG – The Beatles

RW – MC5


Song you wish you wrote…

SG – “All Along The Watchtower” – Jimi Hendrix / Bob Dylan

RW – “Ace Of Spades” – Motorhead

NF – “Emerald” – Thin Lizzy

Your one vice…

SG – eCigarette

RW – Bushmills Irish Whiskey

NF – Single Malt Scotch Whiskey

Best concert ever attended…

SG – Jimi Hendrix – Earl Warren showground in California

RW – Metallica  in 1993

NF – Bad Brains – 9:30 club in 1988

First album ever purchased with your own money…

SG – Dick Dale – King Of The Surf Guitars

RW – Stiff Little Fingers (Belfast punk band)

NF – Van Halen “1984” on cassette

Favorite new band…

SG – Tax The Heat

RW – Trucker Diablo (Belfast band)

NF – Orange Goblin (not new, but play like they’re new)


METAL MODEM:  Ben Weinman – The Dillinger Escape Plan

Discussed the new album “One Of Us Is The Killer” and being neighbors with Eddie Trunk.


TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT:  Led Zeppelin Reunion given their age

The guys all agreed that the band sounded great on “Celebration Day,” and even though it’s 5 years later, they still think that the live show would still work.



Eddie Trunk – Saigon Kick’s debut album

Jim Florentine – Turbo Negro – “Sexual Harrassment”

Don Jamieson – Type O Negative – “Life Is Killing Me”


ORIGINS:  Jim Florentine

Dad always pushed 50’s music on him.  The one album that he had that his parents couldn’t stand was Ozzy Osbourne “Blizzard Of Ozz” because of the album cover and their religion.  Used to sneak into rock clubs when he was 16.  Has about 550 concert t-shirts.  Proudest metal moment is taking his 12-year old nephew backstage at a Motorhead concert and having him meet Lemmy.


TMS WORLDWIDE:  Brazil.  Rock In Rio annually draws 350,000 people.  Sepultura hails from Brazil.  Sao Paulo is ground zero for metal fans.


STUMP THE TRUNK:  The first person successfully “Stumped The Trunk.”  When he reached into the box, it was empty.  It seemed like a mistake until Jake E. Lee held up a Charvel guitar and gave it to the fan.  By far, the coolest “Stump The Trunk” prize in the history of TMS.


Billboard Top 15 Hard Rock Albums – 6/15/13

Billboard Top 15 Hard Rock Albums

Billboard Hard Rock Albums Chart.  Top 15 albums ranked by sales data and compiled by Nielsen SoundScan.


  1. ALICE IN CHAINS – The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here
  2. MAN OVERBOARD – Heart Attack
  3. VOLBEAT – Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies
  4. TESSERACT – Altered State
  5. HALESTORM – The Strange Case Of…
  6. ROB ZOMBIE – Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor
  7. STONE SOUR – House Of Gold & Bones Part 2
  8. ESCAPE THE FATE – Ungrateful
  9. KILLSWITCH ENGAGE – Disarm The Descent
  10. DEVICE – Device
  11. BRING ME THE HORIZON – Sempiternal
  12. DARK TRANQUILITY – Construct
  13. SOUND CITY — REAL TO REEL – Soundtrack
  14. KYLESA – Ultraviolet
  15. BLACK STAR RIDERS – All Hell Breaks Loose


  • Alice In Chains debut this week in the #1 position
  • Man Overboard debuts this week in the #2 position
  • Tesseract debuts this week in the #4 position
  • Dark Tranquility debuts this week in the #12 position
  • Kylesa debuts this week in the #14 position
  • Black Star Riders debut this week in the #15 position