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That Metal Show: Season 12 Finale


That Metal Show (Season 12 Finale)

The following is a recap of this week’s show…




Buck Dharma (Blue Oyster Cult)

Blue Oyster Cult still does 70-80 shows each year.  The band has a new box set called The Complete Columbia Albums Collection, which features 16 CDs and a DVD.  It includes a CD of rarities, a live album and codes to download a number of concerts.  The band, originally called Soft White Underbelly, was influenced by the psychedelic scene in California.  When they became Blue Oyster Cult, they adopted a heavier sound.  Dharma discussed the famous 1981 Black & Blue Tour (a co-headlining tour with Blue Oyster Cult and Black Sabbath featuring Ronnie James Dio). Dharma revealed that the decision of which band would headline on any given night was determined by the band that had the bigger following in the city in which the concert took place.  Blue Oyster Cult is going to be doing an acoustic album of their songs, and possibly touring to support it.


Steve Whiteman, Brian Forsythe (KIX)

The Kix reunion started as a handful of regional shows, but eventually became something big.  The band never thought that they broke big enough to warrant a reunion, but the audience loved them at Rocklahoma.  Whiteman discussed the band’s early videos and said that they were “God-awful” and “sucked.”  He also said that the label sucked also for encouraging them to do it.  The band members are all involved in various projects, so there is no set timetable for recording a new album, but it is something that is being discussed.  The band’s latest album/DVD is called Live in Baltimore, which Whiteman said was shot by his mom.  They are enjoying playing more nowadays than they did back in the 80’s because the pressure is gone.




If you could play in any other band…

BD – Grateful Dead

SW – The Archies

BF – Rolling Stones


Song you wish you wrote…

BD“Boys Of Summer” – Don Henley

SW“Bohemian Rhapsody” – Queen

BF“Tumblin’ Dice” – Rolling Stones


Your one vice…

BD – Single Malt Scotch

SW – Farting

BF – Cookies


Best concert ever attended

BD – Jimi Hendrix & The Experience at Stony Brook University in 1968.

SW – A band called “fun” with his kids at the 930 club in DC.

BF – Steve Miller Band in 1974.


First album ever purchased with your own money…

BD“Walk, Don’t Run” – The Ventures

SW“Meet The Beatles” – The Beatles

BF“Eat A Peach” – The Allman Brothers


First rock or metal song you learned to play…

BD“Pipeline” – The Chantays

SW“Rock and Roll All Night” – KISS

BF“Smoke On The Water” – Deep Purple


Weirdest rumor about you…

KIX – That we’re gay lovers

BD – That we’re satanists


Favorite new band…

BD – Foster The People

SW – Halestorm (Lzzy Hale was a student of his)

BF – The Black Keys



METAL MODEM:  Joe Satriani

His new album “Unstoppable Momentum” has a lot of energy and crazy arrangements.  He’s using a new band this time around.  Neil Schon playing with Chickenfoot while Satriani is unavailable.  Schon was the original member of Planet Us, which eventually became Chickenfoot (who will be recording and do a full tour next year).



TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT:  The viability of CD’s in current times.

Eddie Trunk – Take it.  “I love it.  It’s still my favorite format of music.”

Jim Florentine – Take it.  He thinks they’ll be around for a while, but admits that they are becoming increasingly difficult to find.

Don Jamieson – Take it.  “There’s enough old bastards like us that like the physical product.”



THE RANT:  Eddie Trunk on 80’s Hard Rock being called “Hair Bands”

Hardly any band from the MTV era wants to be called a hair band because of its derogatory implication, though the people who are using it today mean it as a compliment.  Hair band is a term that thrash bands, grunge bands and journalists came up with to disparage this type of music as style over substance when Nirvana burst onto the scene.  It is the only genre ever described for its fashion rather than its sound.

“Let’s not use the term that was coined by detractors to diminish what these talented bands had to offer.  How about celebrating these bands by simply calling them – 80’s hard rock?”



ORIGINS:  Eddie Trunk

Born in Summit, NJ in 1964.  First song he loved on the radio was “Go All The Way” by The Raspberries.  He was about 12 years old when he got KISS “Destroyer.”  From that point on, his whole life was about KISS.  His entire room was covered in KISS posters.  Trunk eventually started getting into other bands.  Three favorite bands of all-time are:  KISS, Aerosmith and Black Sabbath.  He got a job working for Megaforce Records as a result of being the only one on radio giving support to Metallica and Anthrax when they first came on the scene.




Eddie – Black Star Riders “All Hell Breaks Loose” (Former members of Thin Lizzy with a new singer)

Jim –  Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats “Mind Control” (From England…if early 70’s Black Sabbath was a garage band)

Don – A Pale Horse Named Death “Lay My Soul To Waste” (a cross between Type-O Negative and Alice In Chains).


That Metal Show: Season 12- Episode 7 (Scott Gorham / Ricky Warwick & Neil Fallon)


That Metal Show (Season 12, Episode 7 featuring Scott Gorham/ Ricky Warwick and Neil Fallon)

The following is a recap of this week’s show…




Scott Gorham / Ricky Warwick – Black Star Riders

The writing of the Black Star Riders began as a new Thin Lizzy album, but the idea of recording without Phil Lynott didn’t feel right.  Out of respect to Phil, they decided to change the name to preserve the legacy.  Ricky grew up in Belfast, and Thin Lizzy provided the soundtrack to his life.  He was relieved when they decided to change the name.  Live shows will feature new material from Black Star Riders and Thin Lizzy as well.  Debut album from the band is called “All Hell Breaks Loose.”

Neil Fallon – Clutch

Clutch toured with Thin Lizzy recently.  New album “Earth Rocker” has had commercial success, something that provided a bit of vindication considering that it was put out on the band’s own record label.  The band originally went to major labels for tour support.  Fallon says that file sharing was one of the best things to happen to the band because it helped them to create an international audience without having a huge hit that defines them.  The fanbase is very loyal, and loves the band, not just a song.  The album was done with a lot of pre-production with the members not seeing each other in the studio.  “Earth Rocker” is a throwback to the old days, and was put together as a “Side A” and “Side B.”



If you could play in any other band…

SG – The Beatles

RW – MC5


Song you wish you wrote…

SG – “All Along The Watchtower” – Jimi Hendrix / Bob Dylan

RW – “Ace Of Spades” – Motorhead

NF – “Emerald” – Thin Lizzy

Your one vice…

SG – eCigarette

RW – Bushmills Irish Whiskey

NF – Single Malt Scotch Whiskey

Best concert ever attended…

SG – Jimi Hendrix – Earl Warren showground in California

RW – Metallica  in 1993

NF – Bad Brains – 9:30 club in 1988

First album ever purchased with your own money…

SG – Dick Dale – King Of The Surf Guitars

RW – Stiff Little Fingers (Belfast punk band)

NF – Van Halen “1984” on cassette

Favorite new band…

SG – Tax The Heat

RW – Trucker Diablo (Belfast band)

NF – Orange Goblin (not new, but play like they’re new)


METAL MODEM:  Ben Weinman – The Dillinger Escape Plan

Discussed the new album “One Of Us Is The Killer” and being neighbors with Eddie Trunk.


TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT:  Led Zeppelin Reunion given their age

The guys all agreed that the band sounded great on “Celebration Day,” and even though it’s 5 years later, they still think that the live show would still work.



Eddie Trunk – Saigon Kick’s debut album

Jim Florentine – Turbo Negro – “Sexual Harrassment”

Don Jamieson – Type O Negative – “Life Is Killing Me”


ORIGINS:  Jim Florentine

Dad always pushed 50’s music on him.  The one album that he had that his parents couldn’t stand was Ozzy Osbourne “Blizzard Of Ozz” because of the album cover and their religion.  Used to sneak into rock clubs when he was 16.  Has about 550 concert t-shirts.  Proudest metal moment is taking his 12-year old nephew backstage at a Motorhead concert and having him meet Lemmy.


TMS WORLDWIDE:  Brazil.  Rock In Rio annually draws 350,000 people.  Sepultura hails from Brazil.  Sao Paulo is ground zero for metal fans.


STUMP THE TRUNK:  The first person successfully “Stumped The Trunk.”  When he reached into the box, it was empty.  It seemed like a mistake until Jake E. Lee held up a Charvel guitar and gave it to the fan.  By far, the coolest “Stump The Trunk” prize in the history of TMS.


That Metal Show: Season 12- Episode 4 (Jake E. Lee & Rick Allen)


That Metal Show (Season 12, Episode 4 featuring Jake E. Lee & Rick Allen)

The following is a recap of this week’s show…

MUSICAL GUEST – Vinny Appice 


IN STUDIO GUESTSJake E. Lee & Rick Allen

Jake E. Lee breaks a 20-yr silence with his first visit to That Metal Show. The live audience gave Lee a standing ovation as he entered the room.

During the interview, Lee revealed that he nearly quit playing music altogether.  He had set a goal that he would continue trying to make it in music until he turned 25-yrs old.  Ozzy discovered him one month before his 25th birthday.  Lee ended up replacing George Lynch (Dokken) who wasn’t a fit for Ozzy.

When grunge came to the forefront, Lee was unfairly lumped in with all hair metal bands, and his career took a downturn.  Frustrated by the turn of events, he didn’t pick up a guitar for a few years, although he continued to write music without it.

While many people in his position would have resented grunge, Lee actually embraced it, because he thought that it forced guitarists to focus more on songwriting than on extended solos in each song.

The former Badlands guitarist is about to launch Red Dragon Cartel.  Special guest stars on the album include:  Maria Brink (In This Moment), Robin Zander (Cheap Trick), Paul Di’Anno (Iron Maiden) and Sass Jordan.


Rick Allen also appeared on That Metal Show for the first time ever.  Allen has been at this for a long time now, joining Def Leppard when he was only 15.  He spoke about how powerful an experience it was to open for AC/DC with Bon Scott when he was only 16.

During the interview, Allen discussed his first-ever gig with one arm at the Download Festival.  It was a very emotional night for the drummer who was forced to reinvent himself after the accident that cost him his arm.

Allen also discussed Def Leppard’s residency in Las Vegas, where the band opened for themselves under the moniker Dead Flatbird.  The band played a 45-minute opening set that featured songs from their debut album “On Through The Night.”  It was the first time in nearly two decades that this material was played live. Amazingly, many fans didn’t even realize that it was actually Def Leppard playing under a different name.



Jake E. Lee

  • If you could be in any other band – The Who
  • Song you wish you wrote – “Bark At The Moon” (a not-so-subtle dig at Ozzy for failing to credit him with the songs that he wrote)
  • Best concert you ever attended – Mahavishnu Orchestra in 1974
  • First album purchased with own money – Iron Butterfly “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida”
  • First rock song you learned to play – The Guess Who “No Time”
  • Weirdest rumor about you – That I was smoking crack in an alley in Las Vegas
  • Favorite new band – In This Moment

Rick Allen

  • If you could be in any other band – U2
  • Song you wish you wrote – “Happy Birthday”
  • Best concert you ever attended – Def Leppard in Donnington (first concert with one arm)
  • First album purchased with own money – Deep Purple “In Rock”
  • First rock song you learned to play – The Beatles “Back In The USSR”
  • Weirdest rumor about you – That I was dead and came back to life
  • Favorite new band – Steel Panther


TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT – Social media, raw and unfiltered, giving band updates in real time rather than press releases like the old days.

  • Jim Florentine – Take it.
  • Don Jamieson – Leave it.  I don’t want to be involved in your drama.
  • Eddie Trunk – Take it, loves the transparency and getting the real truth.



RickPersonal favorite Def Leppard song that wasn’t a big hit?  “Rocket”

JakeIf Ozzy offered you the chance to play in his band again, would you consider it?  Only if I got credit for songs that I wrote on “Bark At The Moon.”  I don’t want any money, just credit.  If they did that, I would entertain it.

JakeWhat’s it really like to work for Sharon?  I actually like her.  We always got along, it was wonderful.  And, I’m scared of Sharon.



  • First metal album bought with his own money – Iron Maiden’s debut album
  • Kiss, Aerosmith and Iron Maiden 3 favorite bands growing up
  • Most proud of 1982 Ozzy “Speak Of The Devil” t-shirt (lost his virginity in it)



Rick Allen Ranks Def Leppard Albums

  1. Pyromania
  2. Hysteria
  3. On Through The Night
  4. High ‘n’ Dry
  5. Adrenalize


ON THE SHELF – Recommended picks by Eddie, Don and Jim

  • Eddie – The Winery Dogs (self-titled)
  • Don – Battlecross “Pursuit Of Honor”
  • Jim – Rebel Inc. “Soundtrack To The Revolution”